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DVDs's found: 117
Title Date UPC
GermanyThe Return of the First Avenger14-08-20148717418429621
NetherlandsCaptain America: The Winter Soldier13-08-20148717418433765
GermanyThor / Thor: The Dark Kingdom20-03-20148717418425722
GermanyThor: The Dark Kingdom20-03-20148717418413132
GermanyThor: The Dark Kingdom20-03-20148717418413095
NetherlandsThor: The Dark World12-03-20148717418424480
United StatesThor: The Dark World25-02-2014786936839500
GermanyCaptain America: The First Avenger24-10-20138717418413729
NetherlandsIron Man 328-08-20138717418404802
United StatesThe Avengers25-09-2012786936819199
GermanyThe Avengers13-09-20128717418355791
GermanyThe Avengers13-09-20128717418355364
NetherlandsThe Avengers29-08-20128717418365646
NetherlandsThe Avengers29-08-20128717418368401
NetherlandsSpider-Man: The Ultimate Villain Showdown12-04-20068713045210762
NetherlandsSpider-Man: The Ultimate Villian Showdown16-10-20028711875943324