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Title Date UPC
NetherlandsThe Parent Trap03-03-20048711875969294
CanadaMiracle at Midnight02-03-2004786936233667
United StatesMiracle at Midnight02-03-2004786936233667
CanadaMiracle of the White Stallions02-03-2004786936233674
United StatesMiracle of the White Stallions02-03-2004786936233674
United KingdomNight Crossing02-03-20045017188810616
CanadaNight Crossing02-03-2004786936237962
United StatesNight Crossing02-03-2004786936233643
CanadaTales From Avonlea: Beginnings02-03-2004786936239270
United StatesTales From Avonlea: Beginnings02-03-2004786936239270
NetherlandsLizzie McGuire: Meet Lizzie16-02-20048715664016305
Netherlands20,000 Leagues Under the Sea04-02-20048711875968686
NetherlandsThe Hand That Rocks the Cradle04-02-20048711875968754
NetherlandsThe Mighty Ducks Collection04-02-20048711875968778
United StatesFollow Me, Boys!03-02-2004786936233681
United StatesPerfect Harmony03-02-2004786936233872
CanadaPerfect Harmony03-02-2004786936238167
United StatesRuby Bridges03-02-2004786936233797
CanadaRuby Bridges03-02-2004786936233797
CanadaSelma Lord Selma03-02-2004786936233803
United StatesSelma Lord Selma03-02-2004786936233803
CanadaThe Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit03-02-2004786936207705
United StatesThe Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit03-02-2004786936207705
United StatesThose Calloways03-02-2004786936233858
GermanyLizzie McGuire Volume 102-02-2004828765911894
NetherlandsBruine Beer in het Blauwe Huis: Deel 113-01-20048711983464186
NetherlandsBruine Beer in het Blauwe Huis: Deel 213-01-20048711983464193
NetherlandsThe Mighty Ducks Collection01-01-20048717418215330
NetherlandsPuppy-Plezier Box10-12-20038711875944901
NetherlandsThe Santa Clause & The Santa Clause 210-12-20038711875964299
NetherlandsTuck Everlasting10-12-20038711875963711
NetherlandsAir Bud 3: Wereld Pup04-12-20033259190251410
FrancePocahontas 2 - Un Monde Nouveau26-11-20033459379401869
FranceLe Roi Lion19-11-20033459370502541
NetherlandsThe Biscuit Eater19-11-20038711875960208
NetherlandsThree Men and a Baby19-11-20038711875961816
NetherlandsWild Hearts Can't Be Broken19-11-20038711875961366
AustraliaLizzie McGuire Volume 4: What's Lizzie Thinking?12-11-20039315842011727
United StatesEloise at the Plaza11-11-2003786936227260
NetherlandsLizzie McGuire: Deel 3 - Vlieg Mee Met Lizzie04-11-20038715664015230
NetherlandsLizzie McGuire: Deel 4 - Lizzie In Dromenland04-11-20038715664015254
United KingdomThe Lion King31-10-20035017188889117
United KingdomThe Lion King31-10-20035017188810456
NetherlandsThe Straight Story30-10-20035410504966538
NetherlandsThe Straight Story30-10-20035410504966538
GermanyDer König Der Löwen23-10-20034011846012801
FranceLe Roi Lion15-10-20033459370502572
NetherlandsThe Lion King15-10-20038711875960345