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DVDs's found: 1916
Title Date UPC
CanadaWhere the Red Fern Grows21-12-2004786936253122
CanadaThe Three Lives of Thomasina06-07-2004786936234084
CanadaThe One And Only, Genuine, Original Family Band06-07-2004786936234299
CanadaNapoleon & Samantha06-07-2004786936245479
CanadaBambi: Platinum Edition01-03-2005786936244465
CanadaYoung Black Stallion21-12-2004786936229189
CanadaThe Lion King Movie Collection07-12-2004786936262346
CanadaLizzie McGuire Box Set Volume 123-11-2004786936261424
CanadaEloise at Christmastime16-11-2004786936258653
CanadaDavy Crockett07-09-2004786936232110
CanadaNever Cry Wolf07-09-2004786936259742
CanadaSquanto: A Warrior's Tale07-09-2004786936240863
CanadaThe Christmas Star07-09-2004786936240887
CanadaBear In The Big Blue House: Visiting The Doctor With Bear07-06-2005786936267587
CanadaThe Pacifier28-06-2005786936278064
CanadaThe Pacifier28-06-2005786936278002
CanadaThe Lion King 2: Simba's Pride31-08-2004786936231892
CanadaCadet Kelly28-06-2005786936179101
CanadaBear In The Big Blue House: Sense-sational!07-06-2005786936267570
CanadaBear in the Big Blue House: Early To Bed, Early To Rise07-06-2005786936267594
CanadaBear In The Big Blue House: Storytelling With Bear07-06-2005786936267600
CanadaOliver Twist03-08-2004786936234121
CanadaGreyfriars Bobby06-07-2004786936234107
CanadaThe Cheetah Girls29-06-2004786936245264
CanadaIce Princess19-07-2005786936277913
CanadaIce Princess19-07-2005786936289114
CanadaMickey Mouse Club: The Best of the Mickey Mouse Club12-07-2005786936293692
CanadaA Saintly Switch01-06-2004786936234312
CanadaThe Parent Trap01-06-2004786936142877
CanadaThe Lion King07-10-2003786936217681
CanadaMiracle in Lane 204-05-2004786936233964
CanadaAngels In The Endzone06-05-2004786936238341
CanadaAngels In The Infield06-05-2004786936238358
CanadaToby Tyler02-08-2005786936279023
CanadaThe Little Mermaid II: Return To The Sea19-09-2000717951007445
CanadaLizzie McGuire: Star Struck - Volume 316-03-2004786936234978
CanadaLizzie McGuire: Totally Crushed - Volume 416-03-2004786936234985
CanadaMiracle at Midnight02-03-2004786936233667
CanadaThe Lion King07-10-2003786936217421
CanadaNight Crossing02-03-2004786936237962
CanadaPom Poko16-08-2005786936175257
CanadaTales From Avonlea: Beginnings02-03-2004786936239270
CanadaThose Calloways25-05-2005786936238129