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DVDs's found: 1933
Title Date UPC
JapanThe Incredible Journey / 三匹荒野を行く18-08-2004T4959241937285
United StatesThe Ernest Green Story00-00-0000None
NetherlandsSo Dear to my Heart00-00-2005Geen
NetherlandsLadder 4901-11-2006Geen
NetherlandsOliver Twist16-02-20089789054448891
NetherlandsAnne Frank00-00-20109789047609797
NetherlandsOliver Twist00-01-20089789047605706
NetherlandsAnne Frank24-04-20089789047602620
AustraliaTom and Huck09-11-20049398527036031
AustraliaCadet Kelly31-08-20059398525227035
AustraliaThe Fox and the Hound00-00-00009398525056031
AustraliaThe Muppet Christmas Carol09-11-20059398524753030
AustraliaLuck of the Irish30-03-20049398523682034
AustraliaDeath on the Nile30-03-20229398523651030
AustraliaNightmare Alley09-03-20229398523650033
AustraliaWest Side Story02-03-20229398523649037
AustraliaIce Princess22-12-20059398523277032
AustraliaBambi II05-07-20069398521861035
AustraliaMail to the Chief10-11-20049398521457030
AustraliaNew York Stories04-02-20049398520952031
AustraliaThe Magnificent Rebel09-11-20049398520452036
AustraliaPocahontas II - Journey To A New World00-00-00009398520186030
AustraliaGreyfriars Bobby12-05-20049398520086033
AustraliaDavy Crockett and the River Pirates14-10-20049398520027036
AustraliaDavy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier12-05-20049398520014036
AustraliaGrey's Anatomy: Complete Seventeenth Season17-11-20219398513630038
AustraliaThe Lion King00-00-00009398512977035
AustraliaFollow Me Boys! / Darby O'Gill and the Little People13-09-20069398510136038
AustraliaThose Calloways / Million Dollar Duck30-08-20069398510127036
AustraliaThe One And Only, Genuine, Original Family Band / Babes In Toyland30-08-20069398510125032
AustraliaThe Cheetah Girls31-08-2005939825228032
AustraliaThe Litlle Mermaid II: Return To The Sea00-00-00009325336005118
AustraliaLizzie McGuire Volume 4: What's Lizzie Thinking?12-11-20039315842011727
United StatesThe Boy Who Stole the Elephant12-06-2012886470540938
United StatesBarry, of the Great St. Bernard12-06-2012886470529995
United StatesThe Waltz King08-12-2011886470361571
United StatesChild of Glass08-12-2011886470361564
United StatesFuzzbucket05-07-2011886470183951
United StatesAmy28-06-2011886470183944
NetherlandsAnne of Green Gables Trilogy26-09-20138718546520815
NetherlandsLizzie McGuire: Mega Verzamelbox00-09-20078717662554698
NetherlandsLizzie McGuire - Seizoen 303-04-20078717662553585
United KingdomDeath on the Nile / Murder On The Orient Express13-04-20228717418606718
GermanyTod auf dem Nil14-04-20228717418606626
GermanyTod auf dem Nil14-04-20228717418606503
NetherlandsDeath on the Nile13-04-20228717418606466
BelgiumDeath on the Nile13-04-20228717418606466