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Title Date UPC
United StatesPocahontas06-06-2000717951008442
United StatesAir Bud: World Pup12-12-2000717951010469
United StatesThe Lion King07-10-2003786936225419
United StatesThe Lion King07-10-2003786936217421
United StatesFollow Me, Boys!03-02-2004786936233681
United StatesTomorrow Land: Disney in Space and Beyond18-05-2004786936224795
United StatesDisneyland USA04-12-2001786936158236
United StatesDavy Crockett04-12-2001786936158229
United StatesAmerican Legends12-02-2002786936167245
United StatesThe Fox and the Hound02-05-2000717951005342
United StatesWalt: The Man Behind the Myth16-09-2001786936199659
United StatesThe Littlest Horse Thieves29-06-1999013131083095
United StatesThe Bears and I17-12-2002013131232196
United StatesAnnie / Life-Size02-07-2002786936187533
United StatesThe Mickey Mouse Club07-12-2004786936239331
United StatesTex16-11-1999013131093698
United StatesAir Bud03-02-1998717951000163
United StatesNapoleon and Samantha17-12-2002013131232394
United StatesCastle In The Sky15-04-2003786936175219
United StatesD3: The Mighty Ducks03-09-2002786936185539
United StatesD2: The Mighty Ducks03-09-2002786936185522
United StatesThe Lion King 2: Simba's Pride31-08-2004786936231717
United StatesBambi01-03-2005786936244175
United StatesDumbo23-10-2001786936144390
United StatesThe Lion King II: Simba's Pride23-11-1999717951004000
United StatesNapoleon & Samantha06-07-2004786936234275
United StatesPocahontas03-05-2005786936157147
United StatesHeidi03-05-2005786936279542
United StatesWhere The Red Fern Grows21-12-2004786936253122
United StatesYoung Black Stallion21-12-2004786936207729
United StatesThe Lion King Movie Collection07-12-2004786936262346
United StatesLizzie McGuire Box Set Volume 123-11-2004786936261424
United StatesEloise at Christmastime16-11-2004786936245905
United StatesThe Parent Trap Special31-05-2005786936281644
United StatesDavy Crockett07-09-2004786936232110
United StatesThird Man on the Mountain07-09-2004786936245073
United StatesTex07-09-2004786936240849
United StatesNever Cry Wolf07-09-2004786936240825
United StatesSquanto: A Warrior's Tale07-09-2004786936240863
United StatesHans Brinker, or the Silver Skates07-09-2004786936240818
United StatesThe Christmas Star07-09-2004786936240887
United StatesBear In The Big Blue House: Visiting The Doctor With Bear07-06-2005786936267587
United StatesThe Pacifier28-06-2005786936278057
United StatesThe Pacifier28-06-2005786936277975
United StatesCadet Kelly28-06-2005786936179101
United StatesBear In The Big Blue House: Sense-sational!07-06-2005786936267570
United StatesBear in the Big Blue House: Early To Bed, Early To Rise07-06-2005786936267594
United StatesBear In The Big Blue House: Storytelling With Bear07-06-2005786936267600
United StatesPocahontas II: Journey To A New World05-09-2000717951008497
United StatesOliver Twist03-08-2004786936234121