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DVDs's found: 6711
Title Date UPC
United StatesDisney Channel Holiday01-11-2005786936296136
United StatesCondorman18-05-1999013131082395
United States101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure21-01-2003786936165319
United StatesAn Extremely Goofy Movie29-02-2000717951007100
United States102 Dalmatians: 2-Pack03-04-2001786936155150
United StatesHome on the Range14-09-2004786936243505
United StatesPocahontas06-06-2000717951008442
United StatesBrother Bear30-03-2004786936224023
United StatesThe Rescuers Down Under01-08-2000717951005809
United StatesA Kid in King Arthur's Court04-03-2003786936207781
United States102 Dalmatians30-10-2001786936155099
United States102 Dalmatians03-04-2001786936144406
United StatesAir Bud: World Pup12-12-2000717951010469
United StatesA Bug's Life23-11-1999717951004024
United StatesThe Lion King07-10-2003786936225419
United StatesThe Lion King07-10-2003786936217421
United StatesSing Along Songs: Very Merry Christmas05-11-2002786936199765
United StatesClerks Uncensored20-02-2001786936145335
United StatesThe Happiest Millionaire01-06-2004786936233810
United StatesSon of Flubber06-04-2004786936233940
United StatesThe Gnome-Mobile02-03-2004786936233650
United StatesThe Absent-Minded Professor02-09-2003786936225259
United StatesFollow Me, Boys!03-02-2004786936233681
United StatesNikki, Wild Dog of the North29-07-2003013131099294
United StatesFlight of the Navigator01-06-2004786936233612
United StatesA Bug's Life20-04-1999717951001818
United StatesA Goofy Movie20-06-2000717951008435
United StatesSomething Wicked This Way Comes21-09-1999013131089196
United StatesOn the Front Lines: The War Years18-05-2004786936199154
United StatesBehind The Scenes at The Walt Disney Studio03-12-2002786936199161
United StatesMickey Mouse in Black and White03-12-2002786936179088
United StatesTomorrow Land: Disney in Space and Beyond18-05-2004786936224795
United StatesMickey Mouse In Living Color: Volume Two18-05-2004786936224788
United StatesThe Chronological Donald: Volume One - 1934 - 194118-05-2004786936224764
United StatesThe Complete Goofy03-12-2002786936179057
United StatesDisneyland USA04-12-2001786936158236
United StatesSilly Symphonies: Volume 104-12-2001786936158212
United StatesDavy Crockett04-12-2001786936158229
United StatesMickey Mouse In Living Color: Volume One04-12-2001786936158243
United StatesAmerican Legends12-02-2002786936167245
United StatesThe Love Bug20-05-2003786936192445
United StatesAladdin05-10-2004786936239461
United StatesThe Legend of Lobo22-02-2000013131099195
United StatesSaludos Amigos02-05-2000717951008534
United StatesThe Aristocats04-04-2000717951008305
United StatesThe Fox and the Hound02-05-2000717951005342
United StatesCharlie The Lonesome Cougar22-02-2000013131109399
United StatesWalt: The Man Behind the Myth16-09-2001786936199659
United StatesThe Littlest Horse Thieves29-06-1999013131083095
United StatesThe Bears and I17-12-2002013131232196