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DVDs's found: 460
Title Date UPC
AustraliaSleeping Beauty18-08-20039398510476035
AustraliaSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs10-10-20019398510031036
AustraliaSky High16-01-20069398524251031
AustraliaSummer Magic / Pollyanna29-08-20069398510162037
BelgiumStitch! The Movie00-00-00008711875958663
BelgiumSneeuwwitje en de Zeven Dwergen07-10-2009
BrazilSexta-Feira Muito Louca00-00-00007896012228661
CanadaSwiss Family Robinson07-05-2002786936143836
CanadaSavage Sam22-04-2003786936219630
CanadaSilly Symphonies: Volume 104-12-2001786936158212
CanadaSnowball Express22-04-2003786936219647
CanadaSpirited Away15-04-2003786936213843
CanadaSleeping Beauty09-09-2003786936213645
CanadaSummer Magic03-05-2005786936279535
CanadaSacred Planet05-04-2005786936228922
CanadaStarring Donald - Volume 211-01-2005786936277005
CanadaStarring Goofy - Volume 311-01-2005786936277029
CanadaStarring Chip 'n Dale - Volume 411-01-2005786936277036
CanadaStarring Mickey - Volume 111-01-2005786936276992
CanadaSquanto: A Warrior's Tale07-09-2004786936240863
CanadaSing Along Songs: Disney Princess - Once Upon a Dream07-09-2004786936211016
CanadaSomething Wicked This Way Comes03-08-2004786936253740
CanadaSon of Flubber06-04-2004786936233940
CanadaSing Along Songs: Home on the Range - Little Patch of Heaven23-03-2004786936235111
CanadaSing Along Songs: Disney Princess - Enchanted Tea Party- Volume 206-09-2005786936259650
CanadaSing Along Songs: At Disney's Animal Kingdom - Flik's Musical Adventure27-09-2005786936301229
CanadaSing Along Songs: At Walt Disney World - Beach Party27-09-2005786936301090
CanadaSing Along Songs: At Walt Disney World - Campout27-09-2005786936301137
CanadaSing Along Songs: Disneyland Fun - It's a Small World27-09-2005786936301076
CanadaSelma Lord Selma03-02-2004786936233803
CanadaSnow Dogs14-05-2002786936184914
CanadaSpidey and His Amazing Friends16-11-2021786936893311
CanadaSummer of Soul (...Or, When the Revolution Could Not Be Televised)08-02-2022786936894172
CanadaShang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings30-11-2021786936871531
DenmarkSværdet I Stenen00-09-19997321980345756
FinlandSankarit - Osa 115-06-20057393834528509
FinlandStitch! Avaruuskoe 62607-11-20037393834363704
FranceSilly Symphonies27-04-20043459372404241
FranceSaludos Amigos07-07-20048717418002527
FranceSouvenirs De Marnie30-04-2015
FranceScandal: The Complete Third Season19-01-2015
GermanySusi und Strolch23-03-20007321922346889
GermanyShaggy Dog - Hör Mal Wer Da Bellt16-11-20068717418087999
GermanyShaggy Dog - Hör Mal Wer Da Bellt16-11-20068717418087982
GermanySpiel auf Sieg17-08-20068717418090456
GermanySpiel auf Sieg17-08-20068717418090463
GermanySusi & Strolch09-03-20068717418067946
GermanySusi & Strolch09-03-20068717418068264
GermanySky High - Diese Highschool hebt ab!09-02-20068717418047597