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DVDs's found: 117
Title Date UPC
AustraliaDoctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness13-07-2022
AustraliaThor: Love and Thunder14-09-2022
BelgiumDoctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness27-07-20228717418609603
BelgiumThor: Love and Thunder07-10-20228717418610951
CanadaShang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings30-11-2021786936871531
CanadaDoctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness26-07-2022786936882025
CanadaThor: Love and Thunder27-09-2022786936894028
FranceThor: Love and Thunder11-11-2022
GermanyThe Avengers08-10-20208717418571399
GermanyThe Return of the First Avenger14-08-20148717418429515
GermanyCaptain America: The First Avenger / The Return of the First Avenger14-08-20148717418432522
GermanyThor: The Dark Kingdom20-03-20148717418413132
GermanyThor / Thor: The Dark Kingdom20-03-20148717418425722
GermanyBlack Widow23-09-20218717418592554
GermanyGuardians of the Galaxy08-01-20158717418444259
GermanyCaptain America: The First Avenger24-10-20138717418413729
GermanyAvengers: Endgame05-09-20198717418551469
GermanyAvengers: Endgame05-09-20198717418551452
GermanyCaptain Marvel18-07-20198717418548094
GermanyCaptain Marvel18-07-20198717418548087
GermanyAnt-Man and the Wasp29-11-20188717418537227
GermanyAnt-Man and the Wasp29-11-20188717418537012
GermanyAvengers: Infinity War06-09-20188717418527266
GermanyAvengers: Infinity War06-09-20188717418527259
GermanyBlack Panther19-07-20188717418526764
GermanyBlack Panther19-07-20188717418526757
GermanyThor: Tag der Entscheidung15-03-20188717418522186
GermanyThor: Tag der Entscheidung15-03-20188717418522179
GermanyGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 207-09-20178717418505110
GermanyGuardians of the Galaxy Vol. 207-09-20178717418505097
GermanyDoctor Strange09-03-20178717418496883
GermanyDoctor Strange09-03-20178717418496876
GermanyThe First Avenger: Civil War06-10-20168717418484354
GermanyThe First Avenger: Civil War06-10-20168717418484347
GermanyThe First Avenger: Civil War00-00-2017
GermanyAvengers: Age of Ultron24-09-20158717418462116
GermanyAvengers: Age of Ultron24-09-20158717418462321
GermanyGuardians of the Galaxy08-01-20158717418444242
GermanyGuardians of the Galaxy00-00-2017
GermanyThe Return of the First Avenger14-08-20148717418429621
GermanyThor: The Dark Kingdom20-03-20148717418413095
GermanyBlack Widow23-09-20218717418592530
GermanyThor: The Dark Kingdom00-00-2017