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DVDs's found: 33
Title Date UPC
United StatesMickey's Once Upon A Christmas26-08-2003717951010537
United StatesBedknobs and Broomsticks20-03-2001717951008596
CanadaThe Sword In The Stone20-03-2001717951008671
United StatesThe Sword In The Stone20-03-2001717951008671
CanadaPete's Dragon16-01-2001717951008428
United StatesPete's Dragon16-01-2001717951008428
United StatesThe Black Cauldron03-10-2000717951008589
United StatesPocahontas II: Journey To A New World05-09-2000717951008497
CanadaPocahontas II: Journey To A New World05-09-2000717951008497
United StatesA Bug's Life01-08-2000717951009159
United StatesHercules01-08-2000717951008732
United StatesThe Rescuers Down Under01-08-2000717951005809
CanadaThe Rescuers Down Under01-08-2000717951005809
United StatesAlice In Wonderland04-07-2000717951000439
CanadaRobin Hood04-07-2000717951008688
United StatesRobin Hood04-07-2000717951008688
United StatesA Goofy Movie20-06-2000717951008435
CanadaA Goofy Movie20-06-2000717951008435
United StatesFun and Fancy Free20-06-2000717951008695
CanadaMake Mine Music06-06-2000717951008558
United StatesMake Mine Music06-06-2000717951008558
United StatesMelody Time06-06-2000717951008541
United StatesPocahontas06-06-2000717951008442
United StatesSaludos Amigos02-05-2000717951008534
United StatesThe Fox and the Hound02-05-2000717951005342
United StatesThe Three Caballeros02-05-2000717951008503
United StatesThe Aristocats04-04-2000717951008305
United StatesPinocchio07-03-2000717951005793
United StatesMulan09-11-1999717951002297
United StatesFun and Fancy Free00-00-0000717951008695
United StatesMelody Time00-00-0000717951008541
United StatesThe Rescuers Down Under00-00-0000717951005809