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DVDs's found: 104
Title Date UPC
United StatesThe Magnificent Rebel18-09-2012786936829426
United StatesThe Boy Who Stole the Elephant12-06-2012886470540938
United StatesDad, Can I Borrow the Car?00-05-2012786936826265
United StatesThe Hunter and the Rockstar00-05-2012786936826272
United StatesDouble Switch17-04-2012786936823165
United StatesSammy the Way Out Seal17-04-2012786936823264
United StatesThe Horse with the Flying Tail17-04-2012786936823257
United StatesThe Leftovers31-01-2012786936823226
United StatesThe Richest Cat in the World31-01-2012786936823233
United StatesChild of Glass08-12-2011886470361564
United StatesThe Waltz King08-12-2011886470361571
United StatesCall it Courage18-10-2011786936819335
United StatesFuzzbucket05-07-2011886470183951
United StatesGoldrush28-06-2011864470183937
United StatesJohnny Shiloh03-05-2011786936815177
NetherlandsPrincess of Thieves07-07-20108715664080610
United StatesThe Bluegrass Special26-04-2009786936791334
United StatesAngels In The Outfield / Angels In The Infield10-02-2009786936788730
United StatesAtta Girl, Kelly!10-02-2009786936787122
United StatesA Knight in Camelot13-01-2009786936787962
United StatesGeppetto13-01-2009786936787979
United StatesMail to the Chief13-01-2009786936787948
United StatesDr. Syn: The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh11-11-2008786936769005
CanadaDr. Syn: The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh11-11-2008
NetherlandsOliver Twist16-02-20089789054448891
United StatesPolly15-02-2008786936762006
United StatesStub, the Best Cowdog in the West17-01-2008786936748536
United StatesLittle Dog Lost15-01-2008786936756920
NetherlandsOliver Twist00-01-20089789047605706
GermanyDer Rote Planet: Expedition Mars13-09-20078717418103484
GermanyDer Rote Planet: Expedition Mars13-09-20078717418103491
GermanyDer Rote Planet: Expedition Mars13-09-20078717418103491
United StatesThe Boy Who Flew with Condors 02-06-2007786936766868
NetherlandsSanta Who?21-11-20068715664039687
United StatesThe Bluegrass Special: Vol. 111-04-2006786936708080
CanadaMy Dog, the Thief17-01-2006786936693850
United StatesMy Dog, the Thief17-01-2006786936693850
United StatesOnce Upon a Mattress20-12-2005786936273861
CanadaElfego Baca and The Swamp Fox: Legendary Heroes06-12-2005786936292336
United StatesElfego Baca and The Swamp Fox: Legendary Heroes06-12-2005786936292336
United StatesA Knight in Camelot15-04-2005717951006295
United StatesGeppetto15-03-2005786936281774
SwedenPrincess of Thieves08-03-2005319980034404
United StatesMail to the Chief15-02-2005786936281545
NetherlandsSanta Who?01-12-20048714025506943
CanadaEloise at Christmastime16-11-2004786936258653
United StatesEloise at Christmastime16-11-2004786936245905
AustraliaMail to the Chief10-11-20049398521457030
AustraliaThe Magnificent Rebel09-11-20049398520452036