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DVDs's found: 44
Title Date UPC
United StatesNikki, Wild Dog of the North29-07-2003013131099294
United StatesOne Little Indian18-03-2003013131241990
United StatesThe Great Locomotive Chase18-03-2003013131245295
United StatesCondorman21-01-2003013131245790
United StatesThe Littlest Horse Thieves21-01-2003013131245899
United StatesCandleshoe24-12-2002013131232295
United StatesNapoleon and Samantha17-12-2002013131232394
United StatesThe Bears and I17-12-2002013131232196
United StatesThe Island at the Top of the World17-12-2002013131241693
United StatesThe North Avenue Irregulars07-12-2002013131232493
United StatesThe Cat From Outer Space19-11-2002013131240191
United StatesBig Red23-07-2002013131231298
United StatesNever Cry Wolf23-07-2002013131231496
United StatesTex23-07-2002013131231595
United StatesThe Black Hole23-07-2002013131231397
United StatesThe Black Hole23-07-2002013131232097
United StatesThe Watcher in the Woods02-04-2002013131083293
United StatesMidnight Madness15-05-2001013131140491
United StatesThe Devil & Max Devlin31-10-2000013131118193
United StatesOne Little Indian25-06-2000013131109597
United StatesThe Castaway Cowboy23-05-2000013131109696
United StatesThe Great Locomotive Chase25-04-2000013131109795
United StatesCharlie The Lonesome Cougar22-02-2000013131109399
United StatesNever Cry Wolf22-02-2000013131099096
United StatesNever Cry Wolf22-02-2000013131233391
United StatesThe Legend of Lobo22-02-2000013131099195
United StatesBig Red25-01-2000013131106398
United StatesTex16-11-1999013131093698
United StatesSomething Wicked This Way Comes21-09-1999013131089196
United StatesCandleshoe14-09-1999013131089493
United StatesNapoleon and Samantha14-09-1999013131089394
United StatesThe Bears and I14-09-1999013131089295
United StatesOne Magic Christmas31-08-1999013131092899
United StatesReturn to Oz10-08-1999013131082098
United StatesThe Happiest Millionaire20-07-1999013131082890
United StatesThe Happiest Millionaire20-07-1999013131082791
United StatesThe Last Flight of Noah's Ark29-06-1999013131083194
United StatesThe Littlest Horse Thieves29-06-1999013131083095
United StatesThe North Avenue Irregulars29-06-1999013131082999
United StatesUnidentified Flying Oddball04-06-1999013131073492
United StatesCondorman18-05-1999013131082395
United StatesThe Island at the Top of the World18-05-1999013131082593
United StatesThe Black Hole30-03-1999013131073294
United StatesThe Cat From Outer Space30-03-1999013131073393