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DVDs's found: 96
Title Date UPC
BrazilO Livro Do Pooh: Histórias Do Coração00-00-00007896012212080
AustraliaOliver & Company00-00-00009398524030032
United StatesOne More Mountain00-00-0000
NetherlandsOperation Dumbo Drop30-06-19997321931345736
United StatesOne Magic Christmas31-08-1999013131092899
United StatesOne Little Indian25-06-2000013131109597
NetherlandsOliver & Co.05-09-20018711875928581
DenmarkOliver & Co00-02-20027393834174805
United StatesOld Yeller07-05-2002786936143843
United StatesOliver & Company14-05-2002786936172423
NetherlandsOut Cold22-01-20038711875947698
United StatesOne Little Indian18-03-2003013131241990
NetherlandsOliver Twist01-04-20038711875944444
NetherlandsOperation Dumbo Drop01-04-20038711875952272
United StatesOperation Dumbo Drop06-05-2003786936208085
NetherlandsOld Yeller03-09-20038711875958748
NorwayOppdrag Nemo24-03-20047393834406401
United KingdomOff Beat26-04-20045017188810630
United KingdomOne of Our Dinosaurs is Missing03-05-20045017188810654
United StatesOn the Front Lines: The War Years18-05-2004786936199154
CanadaOn the Front Lines: The War Years18-05-2004786936199154
FranceOpération Dumbo Drop28-05-20043459370474398
NetherlandsOld Yeller01-06-20048711875958748
NetherlandsOliver & Co.01-06-20048711875928581
NetherlandsOliver Twist01-06-20048711875944444
NetherlandsO Brother, Where Art Thou?10-06-20045050582082418
CanadaOliver Twist03-08-2004786936234121
United StatesOliver Twist03-08-2004786936234121
NetherlandsOp Vakantie met Timon & Pumbaa25-08-20048711875975981
CanadaOne Little Indian07-09-2004786936240870
CanadaOne Magic Christmas07-09-2004786936240832
United StatesOne Little Indian07-09-2004786936240870
United StatesOne Magic Christmas07-09-2004786936240832
AustraliaOne Magic Christmas09-11-20049398520475035
NetherlandsOp stap met Dribbel02-08-20059789051595352
NetherlandsOntdek het samen met Dribbel02-08-20059789051592955
United KingdomOne Magic Christmas03-10-20055017188815444
AustraliaOnce Upon a Halloween05-10-2005
NetherlandsOnce Upon a Halloween: Lekker Griezelen met Disney Schurken12-10-20058717418060565
United StatesOld Yeller / Savage Sam15-11-2005786936283945
United StatesOnce Upon a Mattress20-12-2005786936273861
NetherlandsOp Zoek Naar Kleuren Met Dribbel En Nog Een Leuk Avontuur!18-07-20069789051596557
NetherlandsOp Zoek Naar Woordjes Met Dribbel18-07-20069789051592986
United StatesOctober Road: The Complete First Season30-10-2007786936741162
CanadaOswald The Lucky Rabbit11-12-2007
United StatesOswald the Lucky Rabbit11-12-2007786936716344
NetherlandsOliver Twist00-01-20089789047605706
NetherlandsOliver Twist16-02-20089789054448891
United StatesOliver and Company03-02-2009786936769739
GermanyOliver & Co.19-03-20098717418190439