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DVDs's found: 167
Title Date UPC
NetherlandsHigh Fidelity00-00-00008711875923937
NetherlandsTina: What's Love Got to Do with It03-02-19987321931345781
United StatesJackson Browne: Going Home25-09-2000013023047396
NetherlandsCoyote Ugly18-04-20018711875923708
United StatesDisneyland USA04-12-2001786936158236
CanadaDisneyland USA04-12-2001786936158236
NetherlandsJackson Browne: Going Home10-07-20025034504926271
United StatesSing Along Songs: The Lion King - Circle of Life01-04-2003786936210958
NetherlandsThe Osbournes: The First Season01-07-2003
NetherlandsThe Country Bears16-07-20038711875953712
NetherlandsThe Osbournes: The First Season16-07-20038711875955365
NetherlandsSister Act 2: Back in the Habit19-11-20038711875961809
GermanyDie Osbournes: Die zweite Staffel04-12-20034011846014898
United StatesPerfect Harmony03-02-2004786936233872
CanadaPerfect Harmony03-02-2004786936238167
NetherlandsThe Osbournes: The 2nd Season07-04-20048711875971181
NetherlandsHigh Fidelity01-06-20048711875923937
CanadaConfessions of a Teenage Drama Queen20-07-2004786936243673
United StatesConfessions of a Teenage Drama Queen20-07-2004786936243437
GermanyOsbournes 2.522-07-20044011846019190
United StatesHilary Duff: The Concert - The Girl Can Rock10-08-2004786936245035
United KingdomConfessions of a Teenage Drama Queen25-10-20045017188814072
GermanyBekenntnisse einer Highschool Diva11-11-20044011846018735
GermanyBekenntnisse einer Highschool Diva11-11-20044011846018728
GermanyBekenntnisse einer Highschool Diva11-11-20044011846018728
NetherlandsConfessions of a Teenage Drama Queen08-12-20048717418016616
GermanyDarf ich bitten?17-03-20058717418016586
GermanyDirty Dancing 2: Heiße Nächte auf Kuba17-03-20054011846018612
GermanyDirty Dancing 2: Heiße Nächte auf Kuba17-03-20054011846018605
GermanyDirty Dancing 2: Heiße Nächte auf Kuba17-03-20054011846018605
GermanyDarf ich bitten?17-03-20058717418016593
CanadaMickey Mouse Club: The Best of Britney, Justin & Christina12-07-2005786936287950
United StatesMickey Mouse Club: The Best of Britney, Justin & Christina12-07-2005786936287950
United StatesThe Muppet Show: Season One09-08-2005786936285833
United KingdomJackson Browne: Going Home29-08-2005
GermanyCoyote Ugly01-09-20054011846012399
GermanyCoyote Ugly01-09-20054011846012399
United StatesSing Along Songs: Pongo & Perdita - 101 Dalmatians03-01-2006786936695168
United StatesLittle House on the Prairie28-03-2006786936697896
GermanyKinky Boots - Man(n) trägt Stiefel17-08-20068717418090449
GermanyKinky Boots - Man(n) trägt Stiefel17-08-20068717418090432
GermanyKinky Boots - Man(n) trägt Stiefel17-08-20068717418090432
United StatesHannah Montana: Livin' The Rock Star Life!24-10-2006786936712155
GermanyLady Henderson präsentiert16-11-20068717418087067
GermanyLady Henderson präsentiert16-11-20068717418087074
GermanyLady Henderson präsentiert16-11-20068717418087074
United StatesThat's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana16-01-2007786936729801