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Title Category
United StatesLady - Membershipgift 1999WDCC
- Unknown -Lady And The TrampSnowglobes
- Unknown -Lady And The TrampStickers
- Unknown -Lady And The TrampStickers
- Unknown -Lady And The Tramp 50th Anniversary Pewter MiniaturesFigurines
- Unknown -Lady And The Tramp Big FigureFigurines
United StatesLady And The Tramp Golden Anniversary Framed SericelFramed Art
United StatesLady And The Tramp LumicelFramed Art
- Unknown -Lady And The Tramp Markita FigurineFigurines
United StatesLady And The Tramp Musical Jewelry BoxFine Decor
- Unknown -Lady En De Vagebond PersmapMisc.
United StatesLady In LoveWDCC
United StatesLamppost BaseWDCC
United StatesLegend Of The LampWDCC
United StatesLegendary BeautyWDCC
United StatesLenox® A Sleepy Christmas Eve OrnamentOrnaments
United StatesLenox® A Very Happy Holiday OrnamentOrnaments
- Unknown -Lenox® Ariel FigurineFigurines
United StatesLenox® Beast OrnamentOrnaments
United StatesLenox® Belle OrnamentOrnaments
United StatesLenox® Cinderella OrnamentOrnaments
United StatesLenox® Finding Christmas Nemo OrnamentOrnaments
- Unknown -Lenox® Ivory Cinderella FigurineFigurines
- Unknown -Lenox® Skater Minnie & Mickey FigurineFigurines
- Unknown -Lenox® Sleeping Beauty Castle FigurineFigurines
United StatesLet The Game BeginWDCC
United StatesLet Your Conscience Be Your GuideWDCC
United StatesLet’s Wander And Wonder TogetherPooh And Friends
United StatesLi'l DevilWDCC
United StatesLi'l GhostWDCC
United StatesLi'l WitchWDCC
- Unknown -Liberty MuntMisc.
United StatesLife's Not Fair, Is It?WDCC
- Unknown -Life-Size Mickey Big FigureFigurines
United StatesLight As A FeatherWDCC
- Unknown -Light Up Pen: EeyoreMisc.
- Unknown -Light Up Pen: JigglyMisc.
- Unknown -Light Up Pen: PlutoMisc.
- Unknown -Light Up Pen: PoohMisc.
- Unknown -Lightning McQueenMisc.
- Unknown -LiloMisc.
- Unknown -Lilo & Stich / Lilo & Stitch 2 PersmapMisc.
- Unknown -Lilo & Stitch SnowglobeSnowglobes
United StatesLilo LE GicléeFramed Art
United StatesLion KingBanks
- Unknown -Lion KingMisc.
United StatesLion King Celebration King Mufasa ModelFine Decor
United StatesLionel® Limited-Edition 2005 Train SetFine Decor
NetherlandsLitho Bambi 2Misc.
United StatesLittle April ShowerWDCC