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Title Category
- Unknown -KaaMisc.
- Unknown -Kaa PopMisc.
- Unknown -Kapitein HaakMisc.
- Unknown -Katrien Duck, Baby (Glow In The Dark)Stickers
- Unknown -Keep Out! Mouseketeers Only Harmony Kingdom BoxFigurines
- Unknown -KenaiMisc.
- Unknown -Kermit 50th Anniversary SnowglobeSnowglobes
- Unknown -Kermit 50th Anniversary Thinker FigurineFigurines
- Unknown -Kermit Big FigureFigurines
NetherlandsKerstbal 1Misc.
NetherlandsKerstbal 2Misc.
NetherlandsKerstbal 3Misc.
NetherlandsKerstbal 4Misc.
NetherlandsKerstbal 5Misc.
NetherlandsKerstbal 6Misc.
NetherlandsKerstbal 7Misc.
NetherlandsKerstbal 8Misc.
NetherlandsKerstbal 9Misc.
NetherlandsKerstcards 57Knipvellen
NetherlandsKerstcards 58Knipvellen
NetherlandsKerstcards 59Knipvellen
NetherlandsKerstcards 60Knipvellen
- Unknown -Keyring: EeyoreMisc.
- Unknown -KiaraMisc.
United StatesKickin' KittensWDCC
- Unknown -Kidnap Mr. Sandy ClawsSnowglobes
United StatesKidnapping Sandy ClawsCookie Jar
- Unknown -Kim PossibleSnowglobes
United StatesKinda WoblyWDCC
- Unknown -King LouieMisc.
United StatesKing Louie: Orangututango-Jango!WDCC
United StatesKing Of FoolsWDCC
United StatesKing Of The SwingersWDCC
United StatesKiss The GirlWDCC
- Unknown -Kiss The Girl Snowglobe With Limited-Edition Pin & Artist's NotesSnowglobes
- Unknown -KlopferMisc.
United StatesKnocked For A Loop & Walking On AirWDCC
- Unknown -KodaMisc.
- Unknown -Koning LowietjeMisc.
- Unknown -KovuMisc.
- Unknown -Kracov Jack FigurineFigurines