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United StatesDaddy's Girl Hand-Painted LE CelFramed Art
- Unknown -DagobertMisc.
- Unknown -DaisyMisc.
United StatesDaisy DuckWDCC
United StatesDaisy's DebutWDCC
United StatesDancing Couples BaseWDCC
United StatesDancing Couples Base - CinderellaWDCC
United StatesDancing Couples Base - The Little MermaidWDCC
United StatesDancing PartnersWDCC
GermanyDaniel Düsentrieb MechanikerMisc.
GermanyDaniel DüsentriebMisc.
United StatesDaring DeterminationWDCC
- Unknown -Darkwing DuckStickers
- Unknown -David Kracov ''The Mayor'' FigurineFigurines
- Unknown -David Kracov Clown With A Tear-Away Face FigurineFigurines
United StatesDazzling LE SericelFramed Art
NetherlandsDe Aristokatten: PersmapMisc.
- Unknown -De Kleine Zeemeermin - PersmapMisc.
- Unknown -De Kleine Zeemeermin - Special Edition - DisplayMisc.
- Unknown -De Leeuwenkoning 2 LithoMisc.
- Unknown -De Leeuwenkoning 2 LithoMisc.
United StatesDe Vil On WheelsWDCC
United StatesDeadly IntentWDCC
United StatesDear Jessica, How Do I Love TheeWDCC
United StatesDeck The Halls With Friendship And LovePooh And Friends
United StatesDeep Sea DivaWDCC
United StatesDeer To My Heart LE SericelFramed Art
United StatesDefender Of The EmpireWDCC
United StatesDefiantWDCC
United StatesDefiant BronseWDCC
United StatesDelicate Dance Of WinterWDCC
- Unknown -Department 56 Sleeping Beauty Castle BoxFigurines
- Unknown -Dept. 56® ''A Merry Christmas, Crachits'' FigurinesFigurines
United StatesDept. 56® ''Scrooge McDuck & The Ghosts Of Christmas Animated FigurineFigurines
- Unknown -Dept. 56® Crachit's Cottage Light-Up FigurineFigurines
- Unknown -Dept. 56® Scrooge McDuck & Marley's Counting House Light-Up FigurineFigurines
United StatesDestiny's Dance LE CelFramed Art
United StatesDevillish DivaWDCC
United StatesDevoted DamselWDCC
United StatesDianaWDCC
United StatesDid The Young Prince Fall Down?WDCC
- Unknown -Die Unglaublichen Sticker Figuren Sort. 48 tlg.Misc.
- Unknown -Die Unglaublichen Sticker SetMisc.
United StatesDig, Dig, DigWDCC
- Unknown -Disney (Boekje, Groot)Stickers
- Unknown -Disney (Glitters)Stickers
- Unknown -Disney (Glitters)Stickers
- Unknown -Disney (Zakje)Stickers
NetherlandsDisney 13Knipvellen
NetherlandsDisney 16Knipvellen