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Title Category
United StatesLittle CharmerWDCC
United StatesLittle ClownWDCC
United StatesLittle Fin, Big HeartWDCC
United StatesLittle King, Big RoarWDCC
NetherlandsLittle Pooh 2Knipvellen
NetherlandsLittle Pooh 3Knipvellen
NetherlandsLittle Pooh 4Knipvellen
NetherlandsLittle Pooh 8Knipvellen
United StatesLittle RascalWDCC
United StatesLittle TigerWDCC
United StatesLizzieCookie Jar
- Unknown -Lock Big FigureFigurines
- Unknown -Lock, Shock & BarrelSnowglobes
United StatesLong Live The KingWDCC
- Unknown -Long Live The King FigurineFigurines
United StatesLook Out, World!WDCC
United StatesLook, Here's LuckyWDCC
United StatesLooks Like RainWDCC
United StatesLouie: Tag-Along TroubleWDCC
United StatesLove's First KissWDCC
United StatesLove's Little HelpersWDCC
United StatesLuau!WDCC
United StatesLuckyOrnaments
- Unknown -LuckyMisc.
United StatesLuckyWDCC
- Unknown -Luigi ForelloMisc.
United StatesLying In Wait LE GicléeFramed Art