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Title: Tron
Original Title: TRON
IMDb / Disneyinfo:   
Country: United States United States
Category: Live Action
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Year: 1982
Release Date: 00-00-1983
UPC: 07647610732
Catalog: ???
Price: ???
Publisher: Walt Disney Productions, Lisberger/Kushner
Distribution: Walt Disney Home Video
Length: 99 Minutes
Sides: 1
Stereo: English
TRON is a futuristic adventure set in a world never before seen. Disney has utilized new forms of animation in this trendsetting picture that launches a new era in cinema.
But TRON is much more than that. the viewer is catapulted inside a computer, where energy lives and breathes, where light takes on new dimensions, where the eye is tricked into believing the unbelievable. "Light Cycles" race at heartstopping speeds. Solar sailors glide silently. High-tech warriors battle in a series of games that can only end in death.
TRON begins in the real world, where a young computer genius named Flynn is trying to break into the computer system of a huge computer company called ENCOM.
Flynn, a former employee, is convinced that a rival named Dillenger, who has risen to become chief executive of ENCOM, has stolen all his video-game programs.
Flynn knows that evidence of the theft lies somewhere inside ENCOM's Master Control Program (MCP). This all-powerful computer has already been monitoring Flynn's intrusion and shut down access to the entire system.
Flynn wants to break into the MCP's memory bank but when he tries, the big computer zaps him with a laser beam. Dematerialized, he's transmitted inside the computer, where he awakens in an electronic world in which every program is represented by an alter ego of the human who programmed it.
Here in the dark, mysterious, terrifying inner world of the computer, Tron (a security program) and Flynn struggle against the omnipotent MCP. Forced to play life and death video games in this evil and maddening environment. Tron and Flynn come to grips with the tyrannical domain of the MCP and its murderous henchmen.
With its high-potency adventure and revolutionary technical achievements, TRON demands to be seen many times.
Jeff Bridges - Kevin Flynn / Clu
Bruce Boxleitner - Alan Bradley / Tron
David Warner - Ed Dillinger / Sark / Master Control Program
Cindy Morgan - Lora / Yori
Barnard Hughes - Dr. Walter Gibbs / Dumont
Dan Shor - Ram / Popcorn Co-Worker
Peter Jurasik - Crom
Stuart Thomas - Peter / Sark's Lieutenant (as Tony Stephano)
Craig Chudy - Warrior #1
Vince Deadrick Jr. - Warrior #2 (as Vince Deadrick)
Sam Schatz - Expert Disc Warrior
Jackson Bostwick - Head Guard
David S. Cass Sr. - Factory Guard (as Dave Cass)
Gerald Berns - Guard #1
Bob Neill - Guard #2
Ted White - Guard #3
Mark Stewart - Guard #4
Michael Sax - Guard #5
Tony Brubaker - Guard #6
Charlie Picerni - Tank Commander (as Charles Picerni)
Pierre Vuilleumier - Tank Gunner #1
Erik Cord - Tank Gunner #2
Loyd Catlett - Conscript #1 / Video Game Cowboy
Michael Dudikoff - Conscript #2 (as Michael J. Dudikoff II)
Richard Bruce Friedman - Video Game Player
Rick Feck - Boy in Video Game Arcade
John Kenworthy - Boy in Video Game Arcade
Lisette Kremer - Video Gamer (uncredited)
Jerry Maren - (uncredited)
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