Cartoon Classics: Scary Tales - Volume 3

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Title: Cartoon Classics: Scary Tales - Volume 3
Original Title: Donald Duck and the Gorilla, Duck Pimples, The Skeleton Dance, The Haunted House, Donald's Lucky Day, Pluto's Judgement Day
IMDb / Disneyinfo: Donald Duck and the Gorilla   
Duck Pimples   
The Skeleton Dance   
The Haunted House   
Donald's Lucky Day   
Pluto's Judgement Day   
Country: United States United States
Category: Animation
Genre: Animation, Short, Comedy, Family
Year: 1944, 1945, 1929, 1939, 1935
Release Date: ???
UPC: 07647600740
Catalog: ???
Price: ???
Production: Walt Disney Productions
Distribution: Walt Disney Home Video
Length: 43 Minutes
Sides: ???
Donald Duck and the Gorilla
James MacDonald - Ajax the Gorilla (voice) (uncredited)
Clarence Nash - Donald Duck / Huey / Dewey / Louie (voice) (uncredited)

Duck Pimples
Billy Bletcher - Det. Hennessey (voice) (uncredited)
Harry Lang - Leslie J. Clark (voice) (uncredited)
Mary Lenahan - Colleen (voice) (uncredited)
Jack Mather - Salesman (voice) (uncredited)
Clarence Nash - Donald Duck (voice) (uncredited)
Doodles Weaver - Radio Play Characters (voice) (uncredited)

The Skeleton Dance
Walt Disney - Dog (voice)
Carl W. Stalling - Alley Cats (voice)

The Haunted House
Walt Disney - Mickey Mouse (voice) (uncredited)

Donald's Lucky Day
David Kerman - Various (uncredited)
Dorothy Lloyd - Various (uncredited)
Clarence Nash - Donald Duck / Black Cat (voice) (uncredited)
Paul Norby - Various (uncredited)

Pluto's Judgement Day
Billy Bletcher - Cat Prosecutor (voice) (uncredited)
Pinto Colvig - Pluto (voice) (uncredited)
Walt Disney - Mickey Mouse (voice) (uncredited)
Clarence Nash - Kitten / Cat Judge (voice) (uncredited)
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