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CED's found: 26
Title Date UPC
United StatesNever Cry Wolf00-00-198307647610752
United StatesSwiss Family Robinson00-00-198307647600726
United StatesTron00-00-198307647610732
United StatesGus00-00-198207647600719
United StatesThe Shaggy Dog00-00-198207647600713
United StatesKidnapped00-00-198107647600706
United StatesMary Poppins00-00-198107647600714
United States20,000 Leagues Under the Sea00-00-000007647600701
United StatesCandleshoe00-00-000007647600705
United StatesDragonslayer00-00-000007647610675
United StatesEscape to Witch Mountain00-00-000007647600711
United StatesHerbie Rides Again00-00-000007647600728
United StatesOld Yeller00-00-000007647600708
United StatesPollyanna00-00-000007647600742
United StatesPopeye00-00-000007647610665
United StatesSomething Wicked This Way Comes00-00-000007647610736
United StatesSplash00-00-000007647610751
United StatesTex00-00-000007647600734
United StatesThe Absent-Minded Professor00-00-000007647600702
United StatesThe Apple Dumpling Gang00-00-000007647600712
United StatesThe Bears and I00-00-000007647600704
United StatesThe Black Hole00-00-000007647610724
United StatesThe Great Locomotive Chase00-00-000007647600707
United StatesThe Love Bug00-00-000007647600703
United StatesThe Parent Trap00-00-000007647600743
United StatesTreasure Island00-00-000007647600730