Peter Pan

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Title: Peter Pan
Original Title: ???
Country: ???
Format: CD
Release Date: ???
Year: 1997
Label: Walt Disney Records
Publisher: Disney
Composer: Oliver Wallace
Producer: Randy Thornton, Ted Kryczko
UPC: 4029758026328
ISBN: ???
Catalog Number: ???
Length: 53:32 Minutes
01. Main Title (The Second Star To The Right) (02:18)
All This Has Happened Before
02. The Last Night In The Nursery (03:00)
03. On The Rooftop (04:05)
04. What's A Kiss (04:24)
Perturbed Pixie
You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!
05. A Pirate's Life (00:30)
Blast That Peter Pan
06. A Pirate's Life (Reprise) (01:05)
The Legend Of The Croc
Double The Powder And Storten The Fuse
07. Follow Tinker Bell (04:51)
Just When I Brought You A Mother
08. Banished (00:52)
09. Following The Leader (01:43)
10. Hide And Sneak (01:15)
No Let 'Em Go
11. Mermaid Lagoon (04:30)
Bad Day At Skull Rock
12. Plotting A Pixie's Plight (00:54)
13. What Made The Red Man Red (02:54)
14. Rumor Has It (02:37)
Hangman's Tree
15. Big Chief Flying Eagle (01:28)
I Had A Mother Once
16. Your Mother And Mine (01:57)
17. Good-Bye Peter (00:56)
18. Shanghaied (03:20)
Captain Hook Never Breaks A Promise
The Elegant Captain Hook
A Little Surprise
Oh Tink
19. No Splash (04:09)
Take That
I'm A Codfish!
The Hero Of Never Land
20. Home Again (02:10)
Mermaids, Pirates, And Indians
Finale (You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!
21. Never Smile At A Crocodile (Bonus Track) (01:45)
22. The Boatswing's Song (Demo Recording) (03:07)
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