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Title Date UPC
- Unknown -Bambi00-00-00004029758088029
- Unknown -Bedknobs And Broomsticks00-00-00005050466153326
- Unknown -Beauty And The Beast00-00-00003229261093621
- Unknown -Brother Bear00-00-00005050466687722
United StatesBeauty and the Beast: Special Edition00-00-0000050086074372
NetherlandsBambi (Liedjes Uit De Film)00-00-00003418150253615
United StatesBeauty And The Beast: A New Musical00-00-00004029758004821
NetherlandsBelle En Het Beest - Een Betoverende Kerst00-00-00003418152607126
- Unknown -Best Of Disney00-00-00003418152604521
NetherlandsBelle En Het Beest - Originele Nederlandstalige Soundtrack00-00-00003418152600226
NetherlandsBambi - Het Verhaal En De Originele Nederlandstalige Liedjes00-00-00008712155004407
NetherlandsBelle En Het Beest - De Originale Nederlandstalige Liedjes00-00-00008712155005985
United KingdomBambi00-00-00005050466355625
NetherlandsBelle En Het Beest Vertelverhaal00-00-00005050467088627
NetherlandsBambi - Disney's Vertelverhaal00-00-00005050467088528
NetherlandsBeauty And The Beast - Het Originele Nederlandse Cast Album00-00-0000602498739877
NetherlandsBeauty And The Beast - Het Nederlandse Cast Album + DVD00-00-0000602498739891
United StatesBambi II00-00-0000
United KingdomBeauty And The Beast00-00-0000
United StatesBaby Einstein: Lullaby Classics00-00-0000050086108572
United StatesBaby Einstein: Playtime Music Box00-00-0000050086123278
United StatesBaby Einstein: Baby Beethoven00-00-0000050086076970
United StatesBeauty And The Beast: Original Broadway Cast Recording - Special Edition00-00-0000050086086177
United StatesBaby Einstein: Baby Mozart00-00-0000050086077076
United StatesBaby Einstein: Baby Bach00-00-0000050086076871
United StatesBaby Einstein: Baby Santa00-00-0000050086137770
United StatesBaby Einstein: Playdate Fun00-00-0000050086162871
United StatesBaby Einstein: Baby Noah00-00-0000050086149773
United StatesBaby Einstein: Music Box Orchestra00-00-0000050086132171
United StatesBaby Einstein: On The Farm00-00-0000050086118823
United StatesBaby Einstein: Traveling Melodies00-00-0000050086132072
United StatesBaby Einstein: Baby Galileo00-00-0000050086009978
United StatesBeauty And The Beast: The Enchanted Christmas00-00-0000050086094875
United StatesBest Of Children's Favorites: Pooh's Top 4000-00-0000050086104970
United StatesBaby Einstein: Baby Neptune00-00-0000050086007974
United StatesBeach Party00-00-0000050086127573
United StatesBambi: Read Along00-00-0000050086127429
United StatesBridge to Terabithia00-00-0000050087101206
United StatesBaby: Secret Of The Lost Legend00-00-0000
United StatesBolt00-00-00005099926640600
NetherlandsBest of The Lion King00-00-00005099973157021