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Title Date UPC
FranceHalloween - Halloween00-00-00002060250006007
FranceLa Parade Des Walt Disney Studios00-00-00002060250036011
FranceLa Musique De La Parade Des Princesses00-00-00002060250036028
FranceIt's Halloween-Lo-Ween00-00-00002060250046003
FranceLa Musique Du Carnaval Des Enfants00-00-00002060250050000
- Unknown -The Princess Diaries00-00-0000809274233226
- Unknown -Remember The Titans00-00-0000809274594822
United StatesValiant00-00-0000050086138876
NetherlandsThe Lion King - Het Nederlandse Cast Album + DVD00-00-00000602498695401
- Unknown -Herbie: Fully Loaded00-00-00005051011000423
NetherlandsBeauty And The Beast - Het Originele Nederlandse Cast Album00-00-0000602498739877
- Unknown -Cinderella - Special Edition00-00-000050086140176
- Unknown -The Greatest Game Ever Played00-00-0000720616254122
United StatesJim Brickman - The Disney Songbook00-00-000050086138074
United StatesThe Muppet Christmas Carol - Special Anniversary Edition00-00-000050086141470
NetherlandsBeauty And The Beast - Het Nederlandse Cast Album + DVD00-00-0000602498739891
United StatesDisney's Princess Christmas Album00-00-0000050086137879
United StatesThe Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe00-00-0000050086137473
United StatesThe Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe - Special Edition00-00-0000094634768122
- Unknown -The Lizzie McGuire Movie00-00-00009397603 375026
- Unknown -To Infinity And Beyond! (Songs From And Inspired By Toy Story And Toy Story 200-00-00004029758075326
NetherlandsDe Disney Collectie - De 50 Leukste Liedjes00-00-00008712155005213
- Unknown -Herbie: Fully Loaded00-00-00000720616251824
- Unknown -Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl00-00-00005050466689924
- Unknown -Disney Mania 200-00-0000050086100477
- Unknown -Disney Mania 300-00-0000050086124879
NetherlandsDe Kleine Zeemeermin00-00-00005050466054524
JapanCinderella: TeaTimeMusic00-00-0000
United StatesBambi II00-00-0000
United KingdomBeauty And The Beast00-00-0000
United KingdomThe Jungle Book00-00-0000
- Unknown -The Aristocats00-00-00005050466152527
- Unknown -Oliver & Company00-00-0000094635104028
ItalyIl Libro Della Giungla00-00-00009771128566013
ItalyGli Aristogatti00-00-00005099766690827
NetherlandsDe Kleine Zeemeermin00-00-00008712155004810
NetherlandsDe Aristokatten00-00-00008711875900051
FranceThe Legend Of The Lion King00-00-00002060250043002
United KingdomMichael Crawford - The Disney Album00-00-00009463530542
- Unknown -Chicken Little00-00-00000050086143573
- Unknown -Tarzan00-00-0000809274460424
FranceLe Roi Lion00-00-00003418150354510
ItalyIl Re Leone00-00-00005099766691121
BelgiumWouter - One Little Slip [Single]00-00-00005425016792025
FranceUne Journee A Disneyland Paris00-00-00002060273124054
GermanyDer König Der Löwen: Sonderausgabe00-00-0000094635327526
BelgiumZing Mee Met Libelle's Disney CD00-00-00005050467079427