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Title Date UPC
- Unknown -Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs00-00-0000809274251428
United StatesAround The World In 80 Days00-00-0000050086110377
NetherlandsDe Allerbeste Van Walt Disney - Deel 100-00-00008712155004391
- Unknown -Heigh-Ho! Mozart - Favorite Disney Tunes In The Style Of Great Classical Composers00-00-0000013497318622
- Unknown -I'm Breathless - Music From And Inspired By The Film Dick Tracy00-00-000007599262092
- Unknown -Return To Oz00-00-0000094659300123
United StatesThe Three Musketeers00-00-0000050086116072
NetherlandsBelle En Het Beest - Originele Nederlandstalige Soundtrack00-00-00003418152600226
NetherlandsDe Leeuwenkoning - Het Verhaal En 3 Originele Nederlandstalige Liedjes00-00-00003418152502629
NetherlandsHet Verhaal Van Bambi En Muziek Uit De Film00-00-0000
NetherlandsDe Aristokatten00-00-00003418150253219
NetherlandsDe Leeuwenkoning - Sing Along00-00-0000
- Unknown -Sleeping Beauty00-00-00005050466148728
- Unknown -Hercules00-00-0000809274435620
- Unknown -Dick Tracy - Selections From The Film00-00-00007599262792
- Unknown -Pocahontas00-00-0000809274436627
BelgiumThe Lion King00-00-0000
- Unknown -Feel The Love - 16 Classic Disney Ballads00-00-00003418153606227
- Unknown -Phil Collins - No Way Out (Theme From Brother Bear)00-00-0000
- Unknown -The Lion King - Can You Feel The Love Tonight00-00-0000042285888423
- Unknown -Pocahontas - Jon Secada & Shanice - If I Never Knew (Limited Edition)00-00-00005017187023000
- Unknown -Pinocchio00-00-00008092744366429
- Unknown -Sleeping Beauty00-00-00003418153603028
Netherlands101 Dalmatiers - Het Verhaal En De Originele Nederlandstalige Liedjes00-00-00008712155004490
NetherlandsDe Reddertjes - Het Verhaal En De Originele Nederlandstalige Liedjes00-00-00008712155004438
NetherlandsBambi - Het Verhaal En De Originele Nederlandstalige Liedjes00-00-00008712155004407
NetherlandsDe Leeuwekoning00-00-00005050466897022
FranceLe Roi Lion: Version Integrale00-00-00005050466791221
FinlandLeijona Kuningas: Juhl Ajulkaisu00-00-00005050466891129
SwedenLejon Kungen: Specialutgava00-00-00005050466891228
United StatesThe Lion King & Rhythm Of The Pride Lands00-00-00009397603376726
United StatesThe Lion King 2: Simba's Pride00-00-0000050086118779
- Unknown -Toy Story00-00-00003418153603622
- Unknown -True To Your Heart - 98° Feat. Stevie Wonder (Mulan)00-00-0000042286084626
United StatesThe Music Behind The Magic00-00-0000050086001422
- Unknown -The Incredibles00-00-00005050467010024
- Unknown -Mary Poppins - 2-Disc Special Edition00-00-0000050086120277
- Unknown -Who Framed Roger Rabbit00-00-00005099746305925
United States101 Dalmatians00-00-0000050086078370
NetherlandsSneeuwwitje En De Zeven Dwergen - Het Verhaal En De Originele Nederlandstalige Liedjes00-00-00008712555004469
NetherlandsDe Speurneuzen - De Originele Nederlandstalige Versie00-00-00008712155004506
NetherlandsAladdin - Het Verhaal En Muziek Uit De Film00-00-0000
NetherlandsA Goofy Movie00-00-0000050086086276
- Unknown -Timon & Pumbaa - Stand By Me00-00-00003418150253110
- Unknown -A Family Christmas00-00-00005017310946923
- Unknown -The Twelve Days Of Christmas00-00-0000
- Unknown -A*Teens - Can't Help Falling In Love00-00-0000809274864123
NetherlandsDe Aristokatten - Originele Nederlandstalige Soundtrack00-00-00003418152601520
- Unknown -The Jungle Book 200-00-00005050466351920