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Title Date UPC
United StatesBeauty and the Beast: Special Edition00-00-0000050086074372
United StatesRadio Disney: Jams 400-00-0000050086073771
United StatesAtlantis: The Lost Empire00-00-0000050086071371
United StatesDisney Karaoke: Volume 300-00-0000050086070978
United StatesNewsies00-00-0000050086070770
United StatesThe Jungle Book00-00-0000050086070473
United StatesPlayhouse Disney00-00-0000050086069576
United StatesDisney's Greatest: Volume 200-00-0000050086069477
United StatesDisney's Greatest: Volume 100-00-0000050086069378
United StatesRadio Disney: Jams 300-00-0000050086069279
United StatesThe Official Album: Disneyland Walt Disney World00-00-0000050086068470
United StatesLa Vida Mickey00-00-0000050086068074
United StatesDisney's Lullabay Album00-00-0000050086067770
United StatesWoody's Roundup: A Rootin' Tootin' Collection of Woody's Favorite Songs00-00-0000050086067671
United StatesDisney Karaoke: Volume 200-00-0000050086067473
United StatesDisney Karaoke: Volume 100-00-0000050086067374
- Unknown -Dinosaur00-00-0000050086067275
United StatesAida: Orignal Broadway Cast00-00-0000050086067176
United StatesTarzan00-00-0000050086064571
United StatesRadio Disney: Kids Jams00-00-0000050086064274
United StatesReturn To Pride Rock (Songs Inspired By Disney's The Lion King II: Simba's Pride)00-00-0000050086063970
United StatesMore Sille Songs00-00-0000050086063277
United StatesMulan00-00-0000050086063178
- Unknown -Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs00-00-0000050086062829
United StatesShipwrecked00-00-0000050086061426
United StatesDisney Babies: Lullaby00-00-0000050086061174
United StatesChildren's Favorite Songs: Volume 400-00-0000050086060870
United StatesChildren's Favorite Songs: Volume 300-00-0000050086060771
United StatesChildren's Favorite Songs: Volume 200-00-0000050086060672
United StatesChildren's Favorite Songs: Volume 100-00-0000050086060573
United StatesDisney's Family Christmas Collection00-00-0000050086013074
United StatesThe Cheetah Girls00-00-0000050086012671
United StatesBaby Einstein: Baby Galileo00-00-0000050086009978
United StatesKim Possible00-00-0000050086009770
United StatesPirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl00-00-0000050086008971
United StatesRadio Disney: Jams 600-00-0000050086008872
United StatesRadio Disney: Kids Jams - Volume 600-00-0000050086008872
United StatesO Mickey, Where Art Thou?00-00-0000050086008377
United StatesPiglet's Big Movie00-00-0000050086008179
United StatesThe Lizzie McGuire Movie00-00-0000050086008070
United StatesBaby Einstein: Baby Neptune00-00-0000050086007974
United StatesCantar Y Jugar00-00-0000050086007271
United StatesWalt Disney World: SpectroMagic00-00-0000050086005574
United StatesDisneyland Park: The Official Album00-00-0000050086004775
United StatesMusic From Disney's California Adventure00-00-0000050086004478
United StatesThe Music Behind The Magic00-00-0000050086001422
United StatesFantasia00-00-0000050086000777
- Unknown -Hercules00-00-0000044006044323
- Unknown -True To Your Heart - 98° Feat. Stevie Wonder (Mulan)00-00-0000042286084626
- Unknown -The Lion King - Can You Feel The Love Tonight00-00-0000042285888423