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Title Date UPC
United StatesTurning Red11-03-2022050087499204
United StatesWest Side Story10-12-2021050087474638
United StatesWest Side Story10-12-2021050087474621
United StatesCall of the Wild29-06-2021720258716408
United StatesIron Will23-04-2019720258542700
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: Pocahontas28-08-2015050087312039
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: The Aristocats21-08-2015050087312060
United StatesHomeward Bound: The Incredible Journey03-08-2015
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: Toy Story10-07-2015050087312053
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: Cinderella23-06-2015050087312015
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: Disneyland20-05-2015050087320119
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: Lady and the Tramp28-04-2015050087312022
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: Pinocchio10-02-2015050087312008
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: Fantasia13-01-2015050087312046
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: The Little Mermaid24-11-2014050087311971
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: Sleeping Beauty07-10-2014050087310899
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: Mary Poppins25-08-2014050087308988
United StatesThe Legacy Collection: The Lion King24-06-2014050087308971
United StatesOz: The Great and Powerful05-03-2013
United StatesThose Calloways05-03-2013
United StatesCondorman14-11-2012720258521927
United StatesThe Last Flight of Noah's Ark20-08-2012
United StatesThe Black Cauldron03-04-2012050087279097
United StatesWhite Fang20-03-2012
United StatesToy Story 300-00-2010
United StatesHomeward Bound: The Incredible Journey00-00-0000720258704122
United StatesHomeward Bound II: Lost In San Francisco00-00-0000050086090372
United StatesAtlantis: The Lost Empire00-00-0000050086071371
United StatesHoney, I Blew Up The Kid00-00-0000720258703026
United StatesA Kid In King's Arthur's Court00-00-0000050086088577
United StatesA Far Off Place00-00-0000720258704221
United StatesMulan00-00-0000050086063178
United StatesTarzan00-00-0000050086064571
United StatesPocahontas00-00-0000050086087471
United StatesReturn To Pride Rock (Songs Inspired By Disney's The Lion King II: Simba's Pride)00-00-0000050086063970
United StatesDisneyland & Walt Disney World: The Official Album00-00-0000050086094578
United StatesNight Crossing - Limited Edition00-00-0000720258500427
United StatesThe Black Cauldron00-00-0000
United StatesShipwrecked00-00-0000050086061426
United StatesFlight Of The Navigator00-00-0000
United StatesNewsies00-00-0000050086070770
United StatesFantasia00-00-0000050086000777
United StatesKim Possible00-00-0000050086009770
United StatesThe Lion King - The Musical00-00-00004029758045527
United StatesBeauty and the Beast: Special Edition00-00-0000050086074372
United StatesBeauty And The Beast: A New Musical00-00-00004029758004821
United StatesTeacher's Pet00-00-0000050086105779
United StatesThe Lion King00-00-0000050086085873
United StatesRhythm Of The Pride Lands00-00-0000731452770127
United StatesAround The World In 80 Days00-00-0000050086110377