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# Title UPC
- Unknown -101 dalmatians3418153604629
United States101 Dalmatians050086078370
Netherlands101 Dalmatiers - Het Verhaal En De Originele Nederlandstalige Liedjes8712155004490
United StatesA Bug's Life094637110621
United StatesA Disney Channel Holiday050087109721
- Unknown -A Disney Spectacular089408019623
- Unknown -A Family Christmas5017310946923
United StatesA Far Off Place720258704221
NetherlandsA Goofy Movie3418152603722
NetherlandsA Goofy Movie050086086276
United StatesA Goofy Movie5099950772629
United StatesA Kid In King Arthur's Court050086088577
United StatesA Kid In King's Arthur's Court050086088577
United StatesA Musical History Of Disneyland - 50th Anniversary CD Box Set050086128327
- Unknown -A*Teens - Can't Help Falling In Love809274864123
NetherlandsAida: Nederlandse Cast Album731458945321
United StatesAida: Orignal Broadway Cast050086067176
- Unknown -Aladdin050086084623
NetherlandsAladdin - Het Verhaal En Muziek Uit De Film
United StatesAladdin: Special Edition050086116379
- Unknown -Aladdin: Special Edition0094635102925
United StatesAlice In Wonderland094635103823
United StatesAlice in Wonderland5099962854429
United StatesAmerica's Heart & Soul050086116775
GermanyArielle Die Meerjungfrau042284764223
United StatesAround The World In 80 Days050086110377
United StatesArtist Karaoke Series: Cheetah Girls050086106974
United StatesArtist Karaoke Series: Christmas Favorites050086118571
United StatesArtist Karaoke Series: Hillary Duff050086132379
United StatesArtist Karaoke Series: The Cheetah Girls 2050086163373
NetherlandsAssepoester Vertelverhaal5050467376625
NetherlandsAssepoester: Het Verhaal En De Originele Nederlandstalige Liedjes8712155004452
United StatesAtlantis: The Lost Empire050086071371
United StatesBaby Einstein: Baby Bach050086076871
United StatesBaby Einstein: Baby Beethoven050086076970
United StatesBaby Einstein: Baby Galileo050086009978
United StatesBaby Einstein: Baby Mozart050086077076
United StatesBaby Einstein: Baby Neptune050086007974
United StatesBaby Einstein: Baby Noah050086149773
United StatesBaby Einstein: Baby Santa050086137770
United StatesBaby Einstein: Lullaby Classics050086108572
United StatesBaby Einstein: Music Box Orchestra050086132171
United StatesBaby Einstein: On The Farm050086118823
United StatesBaby Einstein: Playdate Fun050086162871
United StatesBaby Einstein: Playtime Music Box050086123278
United StatesBaby Einstein: Traveling Melodies050086132072
United StatesBaby: Secret Of The Lost Legend
- Unknown -Bambi4029758088029
United KingdomBambi5050466355625
NetherlandsBambi (Liedjes Uit De Film)3418150253615