Pirates Des Caraïbes: Jusqu

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Title: Pirates Des Caraïbes: Jusqu'au Bout Du Monde
Original Title: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
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Country: France France
Region: B
Category: Live Action
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Release Date: 23-11-2007
Year: 2007
Aspect Ratio: ???
Video: ???
Length: ??? Minutes
Packaging: ???
Insert: ???
Number of Discs: 1
Chapters: ???
Subtitles: ???
Production: Walt Disney Pictures, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Second Mate Productions, LSG Productions
Distribution: ???
ISBN: ???
UPC: ???
Catalog Number: ???
Spine Number: ???
Blu-Ray: ???
Mint Marks Sample: ???
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Johnny Depp - Jack Sparrow
Geoffrey Rush - Captain Hector Barbossa
Orlando Bloom - Will Turner
Keira Knightley - Elizabeth Swann
Jack Davenport - Norrington
Bill Nighy - Davy Jones
Jonathan Pryce - Governor Weatherby Swann
Lee Arenberg - Pintel
Mackenzie Crook - Ragetti
Kevin McNally - Gibbs (as Kevin R. McNally)
David Bailie - Cotton
Stellan Skarsgård - Bootstrap Bill
Tom Hollander - Cutler Beckett
Naomie Harris - Tia Dalma
Martin Klebba - Marty
David Schofield - Mercer
Lauren Maher - Scarlett
Dermot Keaney - Maccus / Dutchman
Clive Ashborn - Koleniko / Dutchman
Winston Ellis - Palifico / Dutchman
Christopher Adamson - Jimmy Legs / Dutchman
Andy Beckwith - Clanker / Dutchman
Jonathan Linsley - Ogilvey / Dutchman
Chow Yun-Fat - Captain Sao Feng
Keith Richards - Captain Teague
Ghassan Massoud - Captain Ammand
Hakeem Kae-Kazim - Captain Jocard
Dominic Scott Kay - Young Will Turner
Vanessa Branch - Giselle
Reggie Lee - Tai Huang
Marshall Manesh - Sumbhajee
Angus Barnett - Mullroy
Giles New - Murtogg
Takayo Fischer - Mistress Ching
Marcel Iures - Capitaine Chevalle
Sergio Calderón - Captain Vallenueva
James Lancaster - EITC Agent
Toru Tanaka Jr. - Tattoo Pirate (as Toru Tanaka)
Edwin H. Bravo - Mushroom Ear (as Edwin Habacon)
Albert 'Sumo' Lee - Bathhouse Pirate (as Albert Lee)
Tyler Tuione - Boiler Room Attendant
Larry M. Leong - Steng (as Larry Leong)
Greg Ellis - Lieutenant Theodore Groves
Brendyn Bell - Cabin Boy
Ho-Kwan Tse - Hadras
Peter Donald Badalamenti II - Penrod (as Peter D. Badalamenti)
Marc Joseph - Quittance
Chris Symonds - Two Head #1
Michael Symonds - Two Head #2
Humberto Fernández Tristan - Vallenueva's Aide
Omid Djalili - Askay / Pusasn
Lawrence Cummings - Singing Gallows Pirate
Chris M. Allport - Singing Gallows Pirate
Jim Raycroft - Singing Gallows Pirate
Robert Hovencamp - Singing Gallows Pirate
Geoffrey Alch - Singing Gallows Pirate
Ned Wertimer - Singing Gallows Pirate
Samela A. Beasom - Singing Gallows Pirate (as Samela Beasom)
Jessica-Elisabeth - Singing Gallows Pirate
Caesar Peters - Singing Gallows Pirate
Bob Elmore - Executioner
Mark Hildreth - Cryer
Matthew Wolf - Endeavor Officer
JB Blanc - Clerk (as J.B. Blanc)
Rick Mali - Pirate
Kimo Keoke - Pirate
David Prak - Pirate
Henry T. Yamada - Pirate
Jonathan Limbo - Pirate
Mick Gallagher - Pirate
Philip Shin - Pirate (as Shin Li Shioung)
Quang Huynh - Pirate
Ronnie Cruz - Pirate
Thomas Isao Morinaka - Pirate
Lidet Viravong - Pirate
Ova Saopeng - Pirate
Phoenix Wong - Pirate (as Stuart 'Phoenix' Wong)
Mark Wherry - Davy Jones Organ Double
Christopher S. Capp - Parrot (voice)
Sam Bower - Young Turner Vocal (voice)
Gregory Allen - Pirate (uncredited)
Aesop Aquarian - Core - Black Pearl Asian Pirate (uncredited)
Jay Bird - Pirate (uncredited)
Pam Blackwell - Dead Boat Passenger (uncredited)
Rusty 'Gravestone' Bolin - Russian Pirate (uncredited)
Chuy Bravo - Pirate at Brethren Court Meeting (uncredited)
Brian Brigham - E.I.T.C. Soldier (uncredited)
Jeff Bullock - Colonial Guard (uncredited)
Diane Morgan Carpenter - Wench in Lynching Scene (uncredited)
Arnold Chon - Asian Pirate (uncredited)
Jason T. Clark - Mad Dog: Barbossa Pirate (uncredited)
Stany Coppet - World Pirate (uncredited)
Ryan de Quintal - Beckett's Entourage (uncredited)
Nicole Dionne - Crying Gallows Wench (uncredited)
Mark Casimir Dyniewicz Jr. - Pirate Sentenced to Death (uncredited)
Jean-Christophe Febbrari - Captain Chavelle's Mate (uncredited)
Brian Feldman - New World Pirate (uncredited)
Tommy Germanovich Jr. - British Officer (uncredited)
Matthew Harker - EITC Agent (uncredited)
Randy Herman - British Soldier (uncredited)
Hans Hernke - Flying Dutchman Pirate (uncredited)
Art Hsu - Crazed Asian Pirate (uncredited)
Jimmy Hsu - Mistress Ching Entourage (uncredited)
Patrick Hume - Flying Dutchman Pirate (uncredited)
Will Hurst - E.I.T.C. Soldier (uncredited)
Majed Ibrahim - Featured role (uncredited)
Karim Imam - Pirate (uncredited)
Adaya Jaye - Singing Gallows Wench (uncredited)
Anthony Jennings - Amputee Pirate (uncredited)
Azmyth Kaminski - Pirate Hung at Gallows (uncredited)
Jason Kapraun - World Pirate (uncredited)
Christopher John Karr - EITC Core Soldier (uncredited)
Mobin Khan - Sumbhajee's Body Guard (uncredited)
Slim Khezri - Khamsa (Arab Pirate) (uncredited)
Gregory Kudanovych - EITC Core Soldier (uncredited)
Jason Lamar - Captain Jocard's Lieutenant (uncredited)
Michelle Lee - Lian (uncredited)
Matthew Leonhart - Asian Pirate (uncredited)
Jason T. Little - EITC 2nd Lieutenant (uncredited)
Erny-Jay Mariquit - Sao Fang Pirate (uncredited)
Paul Marshall - Teague Henchman (uncredited)
Walter Medina - Pirate (uncredited)
Rohan Mehra - Pirate (uncredited)
David Meunier - Lieutenant Greitzer (uncredited)
Valiant Michael - French Pirate (uncredited)
Taishi Mizuno - Asian Pirate (uncredited)
James Nguyen - Hong Kong Pirate (uncredited)
Jean-Pierre Parent - Captain Chavelle's Mate (uncredited)
Brian Patterson - British Soldier (uncredited)
Richard Perez - Pirate Tortuga Bay (uncredited)
Robert Phares - EITC Core Soldier (uncredited)
Kevin Pitcairn - East India Trading Company Officer (uncredited)
Joshua Pritchard - World Pirate (uncredited)
Bidkar Ramos - Pirate (uncredited)
Sean Ross - Death Row Pirate John (uncredited)
Salsa - Parrot (uncredited)
Chris Sanders - British Soldier (uncredited)
Roberto Santana - Ammand / Jocard / World Pirate (uncredited)
Dino Santiago - Black Pearl Pirate (uncredited)
Eric Shackelford - Black Pearl World Pirate (uncredited)
Barry Shay - Pirate (uncredited)
Christopher Shon - Pirate (uncredited)
Gary Sievers - World Pirate (uncredited)
Gugun Deep Singh - Indian Pirate (uncredited)
Joseph Sun - Pirate (uncredited)
Max Valentine - De Teague Henchman (uncredited)
Geronimo Vela - Asian Pirate (uncredited)
Natalie Victoria - Tortuga Wench (uncredited)
Jerome Villaluz - Asian Pirate (uncredited)
Michael Leon Ware - Gallows Pirate (uncredited)
Jesse Wilde - Ammand / World Pirate (uncredited)
Jessi Williams - Pirate Wench (uncredited)
Kaleti Williams - Pirate (uncredited)
Adrienne Wong - Park (uncredited)
Tommy Zandali - Pirate (uncredited)
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