Christmas Classics

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Title: Christmas Classics
Original Title: Miracle on 34th Street, A Christmas Carol, Jingle All the Way, Home Alone
IMDb / Disneyinfo: Miracle on 34th Street   
A Christmas Carol   
Jingle All the Way   
Home Alone   
Country: United States United States
Region: A
Category: Live Action
Serie: 4-Movie Collection, Disney Movie Club
Genre: Drama, Episode, Fantasy, TV Movie, Family, Adventure, Comedy
Release Date: 01-11-2022
Year: 1994, 1984, 1996, 1990
Aspect Ratio: Miracle on 34th Street Blu-ray: 1.85:1, 16x9
Miracle on 34th Street DVD: 1.85:1, 16x9
A Christmas Carol Blu-ray: 1.33:1, 4:3
A Christmas Carol DVD: 1.33:1, 4:3
Jingle All the Way Blu-ray: 1.85:1, 16x9
Jingle All the Way DVD: 1.85:1, 16x9
Home Alone Blu-ray: 1.85:1, 16x9
Home Alone DVD: 1.85:1, 16x9
Video: Blu-ray: 1080p
Length: 412 Minutes
Packaging: Slipcover and blue blu-ray keepcase
Insert: No
Number of Discs: 8
Chapters: ???
DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1: Miracle on 34th Street Blu-ray: English
A Christmas Carol Blu-ray: English
Jingle All the Way Blu-ray: English
Home Alone Blu-ray: English
DTS: Home Alone Blu-ray: French, Spanish
Dolby Digital 5.1: A Christmas Carol Blu-ray: English
Jingle All the Way Blu-ray: French, Spanish
Jingle All the Way DVD: English
Dolby Digital 5.0: Miracle on 34th Street Blu-ray: English
Miracle on 34th Street DVD: English
Dolby Digital 2.0: Miracle on 34th Street Blu-ray: French
Miracle on 34th Street DVD: English, French
A Christmas Carol Blu-ray: Spanish
Jingle All the Way DVD: French
Home Alone Blu-ray: English
Home Alone DVD: English, French, Spanish
Stereo: A Christmas Carol DVD: English
Jingle All the Way DVD: Spanish
Subtitles: Miracle on 34th Street Blu-ray: English SDH, Spanish
Miracle on 34th Street DVD: English SDH, Spanish
A Christmas Carol Blu-ray: English SDH, French, Spanish
A Christmas Carol DVD: English SDH, Spanish
Jingle All the Way Blu-ray: English SDH, Spanish
Jingle All the Way DVD: English SDH, Spanish
Home Alone Blu-ray: English SDH, Spanish
Home Alone DVD:English SDH
Production: Twentieth Century Fox, Hughes Entertainment, Entertainment Partners Ltd., 1492 Pictures
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: None
UPC: 786936895162
Catalog Number: 236466/01-1
Spine Number: 236466/01
Blu-Ray: ???
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This heartwarming and hilarious retelling of the perennial holiday favourite stars Richard Attenborough as Kriss Kringle, a department store Santa who believes that he's the real deal!

George C. Scott stars as the greedy Ebenezer Scrooge in this beloved film version of Charles Dickens' immortal story. As Christmas approaches, three ghosts visit the miser Scrooge in an attempt to change — and save — him.

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in this fun-filled holiday romp as a dad determined to get his son a popular "Turbo Man" action figure for Christmas, despite the hectic and sometimes dangerous shopping frenzy of the Season!

This hilarious holiday favourite stars Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister, a boy who gets mighty creative when his family goes off for Christmas, inadvertently leaving him two bumbling burglars try to invade the family home!
Original Other
Miracle on 34th Street
Richard Attenborough - Kriss Kringle
Elizabeth Perkins - Dorey Walker
Dylan McDermott - Bryan Bedford
J.T. Walsh - Ed Collins
James Remar - Jack Duff
Jane Leeves - Alberta Leonard
Simon Jones - Shellhammer
William Windom - C.F. Cole
Mara Wilson - Susan Walker
Robert Prosky - Judge Harper
Kathrine Narducci - Mother
Mary McCormack - Myrna Foy
Alvin Greenman - The Doorman
Allison Janney - The Woman
Greg Noonan - Cmdr. Coulson
Byrne Piven - Dr. Hunter
Peter Gerety - Cop
Jack McGee - Tony Falacchi
Joe Pentangelo - Bailiff
Mark Damiano II - Daniel
Casey Wurzbach - Grandson (as Casey Moses Wurzbach)
Jennifer Morrison - Denice
Peter Siragusa - Cabbie
Samantha Krieger - Sami
Horatio Sanz - Orderly
Lisa Sparrman - Mrs. Collins
Kimberly Smith - Court Clerk
Mike Bacarella - Santa
Harve Kolzow - Businessman
Bianca Rose Pucci - Little Girl
Jimmy Joseph Meglio - Little Boy
Hank Johnston - Boy
Margo Buchanan - Another Mother
Bill Buell - Band Director
Ron Beattie - Priest
Alexandra Michelle Stewart - Child
Paige Walker Leavell - Tricia
Rosanna Scotto - News Anchor
Michele Marsh - News Anchor
Joe Moskowitz - News Anchor
Lester Holt - Newscaster
Susie Park - Newscaster
Janet Kauss - Newscaster
Joss Ackland - Victor Landbergh (uncredited)
John D. Bair - Parade Turkey (uncredited)
Melinda Chilton - Reporter (uncredited)
Peter D'Alessio - Reporter (uncredited)
Brian Ferrari - Balloon Handler (uncredited)
Matthew T. Gitkin - Bridge Worker (uncredited)
Eliza Harris - Iceskater (uncredited)
Hank Johnson - Little Boy (uncredited)
Robert Osladil - Popcorn Vendor (uncredited)
Kyle Pittman - Kid (uncredited)
Antonio Polk - Court Reporter (uncredited)
Richard Remppel - Reporter in Court Room (uncredited)
April Sandmeyer - Parade bystander (uncredited)
Eddie Schumacher - Chuck (uncredited)
John Thurner - Newspaper Reporter (uncredited)
Bebie Waller - Ice Skater (uncredited)

A Christmas Carol
George C. Scott - Ebenezer Scrooge
Frank Finlay - Jacob Marley
Angela Pleasence - Ghost of Christmas Past
Edward Woodward - Ghost of Christmas Present
Michael Carter - Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
David Warner - Bob Cratchit
Susannah York - Mrs. Cratchit
Anthony Walters - Tiny Tim
Roger Rees - Fred Holywell / Narrator
Caroline Langrishe - Janet Holywell
Lucy Gutteridge - Belle
Nigel Davenport - Silas Scrooge
Mark Strickson - Young Scrooge
Joanne Whalley - Fan
Timothy Bateson - Mr. Fezziwig
Michael Gough - Mr. Poole
John Quarmby - Mr. Hacking
Peter Woodthorpe - Old Joe
Liz Smith - Mrs. Dilber
John Sharp - Tipton
Danny Davies - Forbush
Derek Francis - Pemberton
Brian Pettifer - Ben
Catherine Hall - Meg
Peter Settelen - Belle's Husband
Pat Rose - Mrs. Fezziwig
Joseph Blatchley - George
Gavin Asher - Alfred
Rebecca Burrill - Anne
Cathryn Harrison - Kate
Daniel Chatto - William
Tim Munro - Mr. Topper
Alan Bodenham - Poulterer
Spencer Banks - Dick Wilkins
Louise Gasser - Martha Cratchit
Kieran Hughes - Peter Cratchit (as Kieron Hughes)
Sasha Wells - Belinda Cratchit
Orlando Wells - Little Boy Cratchit
Nancy Dodds - Little Girl Cratchit
Ian Giles - Boy Who Gets Turkey

Jingle All the Way
Arnold Schwarzenegger - Howard Langston
Sinbad - Myron Larabee
Phil Hartman - Ted Maltin
Rita Wilson - Liz Langston
Robert Conrad - Officer Hummell
Martin Mull - D.J.
Jake Lloyd - Jamie Langston
Jim Belushi - Mall Santa (as James Belushi)
E.J. De La Pena - Johnny (as E.J. de la Pena)
Laraine Newman - First Lady
Justin Chapman - Billy
Harvey Korman - President
Richard Moll - Dementor
Daniel Riordan - Turbo Man
Jeff L. Deist - T.V. Booster / Puppeteer (as Jeff Deist)
Nada Despotovich - Margaret
Ruth Afton Hjelmgren - Single Mother Judy
Caroline Kaiser - Single Mother Mary
Samuel B. Morris - Sensei
Shawn Hamilton - Sensei Assistant
Lewis Dauber - Toy Store Manager
Bill Schoppert - Father at Toy Store
Courtney Goodell - Little Girl at Toy Store
George Fisher - Daring Shopper
Chris Parnell - Toy Store Sales Clerk
Patrick Richwood - Toy Store Co-Worker
Kate McGregor-Stewart - Toy Store Customer
Marcus Toji - Little Boy with Car Remote
Steve Hendrickson - Father on Phone #1
Mo Collins - Mother on Phone
Peter Syvertsen - Father on Phone #2
John Rothman - Mall Toy Store Manager
Christopher Slater - Mall Toy Store Employee #1
Robert Southgate - Mall Toy Store Employee #2
Allison Benner - Toddler
Hayley Benner - Toddler
Sandra K. Horner - Toddler's Angry Mom
Phyllis Wright - Angry Mom #2
Marvette Knight - Angry Mom #3
Danny Woodburn - Tony the Elf
Bruce Bohne - Santa at Warehouse Door
Paul Wight - Huge Santa (as Paul 'The Giant' Wight)
Ron Gene Browne - Santa in Warehouse
Robert Tee Clark - Santa in Warehouse
James Riddle - Santa in Warehouse
Bill Wilson - Santa in Warehouse
Alan Blumenfeld - Cop at Santa's Warehouse
Traci Christofore - Little Girl Petting Reindeer
Sandra Lee-Oian Thomas - Mother in Neighborhood (as Sandy Thomas)
Martin Ruben - Father in Neighborhood
Nick LaTour - Counterman (as Nick La Tour)
Peter Breitmayer - Sparky
Marianne Muellerleile - Tow Truck Driver
Phil Morris - Gale Force
Amy Pietz - Liza Tisch
Judy Sladky - Snoopy
Walter von Huene - Taxi Driver
Steve Van Wormer - Turbo Man Float Parade Worker
Curtis Armstrong - Chain Smoking Booster
Jim Meskimen - Police Officer at Parade
Martin Valinsky - Police Officer Escorting Myron
Rochelle Vallese - Girl at Parade
Deena Driskill - Barbie
Spencer Klein - Kid in Turbo Man Commercial
Danny Pritchett - Kid in Turbo Man Commercial
Marc Ambrose - Balloon Wrangler (uncredited)
Alexis Baca - Crowd child (uncredited)
Greg Bronson - Toy Store Shopper (uncredited)
Sarah Cameron - Christmas Caroler (uncredited)
Susan Chambers - Frantic Shopper (uncredited)
Clint Childers - Shopper (uncredited)
Kevin Deon - Crazy Shopper (uncredited)
Devon A Early - Kid at Parade (uncredited)
Matthew Feeney - Curious Man (uncredited)
Anthony Fitzgerald - Christmas Caroler (uncredited)
Trish Gates - Store Clerk (uncredited)
Dan Griffin - Spectator (uncredited)
Brian Johnson - Christmas Caroler (uncredited)
Rick Johnson - Kareem (uncredited)
Tracy Lines - Turbo Shopper (uncredited)
Larissa Lowthorp - Silvia (uncredited)
John Murray - Video Camera Dad (uncredited)
David Andrew Nash - Christmas Caroler (uncredited)
Phaedra Neitzel - Santa's Helper (uncredited)
Lori J. Ness - Nun (uncredited)
Jane Plank - Christmas Caroler (uncredited)
Bill Sather - Child in Background (uncredited)
Maridean Mansfield Shepard - Grandstand Parade Watcher (uncredited)
Yeardley Smith - Woman Who Flirts with Howie (uncredited)
Jimmy Stofer - 3rd Balloon Boy (uncredited)
Bobby Sussman - Parade Watcher (uncredited)
Joel Thingvall - Toy Store Shopper (uncredited)
Verne Troyer - Mini Santa (uncredited)
Heidi Tungseth - Christmas Caroler (uncredited)
Carl Washington - Parade Watcher (uncredited)
Ryan Wotherspoon - Playground Attendant (uncredited)

Home Alone
Macaulay Culkin - Kevin
Joe Pesci - Harry
Daniel Stern - Marv
John Heard - Peter
Roberts Blossom - Marley
Catherine O'Hara - Kate
Angela Goethals - Linnie
Devin Ratray - Buzz
Gerry Bamman - Uncle Frank
Hillary Wolf - Megan
John Candy - Gus Polinski
Larry Hankin - Officer Balzak
Michael C. Maronna - Jeff
Kristin Minter - Heather
Diana Rein - Sondra (as Daiana Campeanu)
Jedidiah Cohen - Rod
Kieran Culkin - Fuller
Senta Moses Mikan - Tracy (as Senta Moses)
Anna Slotky - Brook
Terrie Snell - Aunt Leslie
Jeffrey Wiseman - Mitch Murphy
Virginia Smith - Georgette
Matt Doherty - Steffan
Ralph Foody - Gangster #1 (Johnny)
Michael Guido - Gangster #2 (Snakes)
Ray Toler - Uncle Rob
Billie Bird - Woman in Airport
Bill Erwin - Man in Airport
Gerry Becker - Officer #1
Victor Cole - Officer #2
Porscha Radcliffe - Cousin
Brittany Radcliffe - Cousin
Clarke Devereux - Officer Devereux
D. Danny Warhol - Pizza Boy (as Dan Charles Zukoski)
Lynn Mansbach - French Woman
Peter Siragusa - Lineman
Alan Wilder - Scranton Ticket Agent
Hope Davis - French Ticket Agent
Dianne B. Shaw - Airline Counter Person
Tracy J. Connor - Check Out Girl (as Tracy Connor)
James Ryan - Stock Boy (as Jim Ryan)
Ken Hudson Campbell - Santa (as Kenneth Hudson Campbell)
Sandra Macat - Santa's Elf
Mark Beltzman - Stosh
Ann Whitney - Drugstore Clerk
Richard J. Firfer - Store Manager
Jim Ortlieb - Herb the Drugstore Clerk
Kate Johnson - Police Operator
Michael Hansen - Airport Driver
Peter Pantaleo - Airport Driver
Jean-Claude Sciore - French Gate Agent
Monica Devereux - Flight Attendant
Edward Bruzan - Polka Band Member
Frank Cernugel - Polka Band Member (as Frank R. Cernugel)
John Hardy - Polka Band Member
Eddie Korosa - Polka Band Member
Robert Okrzesik - Polka Band Member
Leo Perion - Polka Band Member
Vince Waidzulis - Polka Band Member
Lionel Barrymore - Henry F. Potter (archive footage) (uncredited)
Irene Columbus - Woman with Baby on Flight to Paris (uncredited)
Quinn Culkin - Girl at Airport (uncredited)
Raja Gosnell - Murphy's Answering Machine Voice (uncredited)
Dale Hawes - Airport Traveler (uncredited)
James Huffman - Kid at Airport (uncredited)
Earl Hundt - Airport Patron (uncredited)
Larry Nazimek - Airline Pilot (uncredited)
Paula Newsome - Shopper who tells Kevin which aisle Fabric Softener can be found (uncredited)
Paul Ruffino - Polka Van Driver (uncredited)
Yuri Rutman - Sailor In O'Hare Airport (uncredited)
Luciano Saber - Airport Traveler (uncredited)
Brian Stover - Boy Ice Skating (uncredited)
Linda Wylie - Stewardess (uncredited)
Jingle All the Way
• Extended and Deleted Scenes
• The Making of a Hero
• Super Kids
• Turbo Man: Behind the Mask

Home Alone
• Feature Audio Commentary by Director Chris Columbus and Macaulay Culkin
• The Making of Home Alone
• Mac Cam: Behind the Scenes with Macaulay Culkin
• How to Burglar-Proof Your Home: The Stunts of Home Alone
Home Alone Around the World
• Where's the Buzz Now?
• Angels with Filthy Souls
• Deleted Scenes/Alternate Takes
• Blooper Reel
• 1990 Press Featurette
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