Lilo & Stitch and Lilo & Stitch 2

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Title: Lilo & Stitch and Lilo & Stitch 2
Original Title: Lilo & Stitch, Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch
IMDb / Disneyinfo: Lilo & Stitch   
Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch   
Country: United States United States
Region: A
Category: Animation
Serie: 2-Movie Collection, Disney Movie Club
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Release Date: 09-08-2022
Year: 2002, 2005
Aspect Ratio: Lilo & Stitch: 1.66:1, 16x9
Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch: 1.78:1, 16x9
Video: Blu-ray: 1080p
Length: 153 Minutes
Packaging: Slipcover and blue blu-ray keepcase
Insert: No
Number of Discs: 4
Chapters: ???
Subtitles: ???
Publisher: Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Feature Animation Florida, Disney Television Animation, Disneytoon Studios
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: None
UPC: 786936895018
Catalog Number: ???
Spine Number: ???
Blu-Ray: ???
Mint Marks Sample: ???
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Lilo & Stitch
Daveigh Chase - Lilo (voice)
Chris Sanders - Stitch (voice) (as Christopher Michael Sanders)
Tia Carrere - Nani (voice)
David Ogden Stiers - Jumba (voice)
Kevin McDonald - Pleakley (voice)
Ving Rhames - Cobra Bubbles (voice)
Zoe Caldwell - Grand Councilwoman (voice)
Jason Scott Lee - David Kawena (voice)
Kevin Michael Richardson - Captain Gantu (voice)
Susan Hegarty - Rescue Lady (voice)
Amy Hill - Mrs. Hasagawa (voice)
Steve Alterman - (voice)
Emily Anderson - Woman (voice)
Jack Angel - Alien Guard (voice)
Bill Asing - Man (voice)
Erica Beck - Mertle's Friend (voice)
Bob Bergen - Officer (voice) (as Robert Bergen)
Steve Blum - Hammerhead Guard (voice) (as Steven Jay Blum)
Rodger Bumpass - Man (voice)
Cathy Cavadini - Fainting Girl (voice) (as Catherine Cavadini)
Jennifer Darling - Female Officer (voice)
Alexandra Deary - Woman (voice)
John DeMita - (voice)
Judi M. Durand - (voice) (as Judi Durand)
Greg Finley - (voice)
Jeff Fischer - (voice)
Valerie Flueger Veras - (voice) (as Valerie Flueger)
Jess Harnell - Hawaiian Man (voice)
Aszur Hill - (voice) (as T. Aszur Hill)
Barbara Harris - (voice) (as Barbara Iley)
Daamen J. Krall - Man #2 (voice) (as Daamen Krall)
Todd Kurosawa - Truck Driver (voice)
Chloe Looper - (voice)
Mickie McGowan - Computer Voice (voice)
Kunewa Mook - Hula Teacher (voice)
Courtney Mun - (voice)
Mary Linda Phillips - Coffee Owner (voice) (as Mary-Linda Phillips)
Patrick Pinney - Firefighter (voice)
Paige Pollack - (voice)
David Randolph - (voice)
Noreen Reardon - (voice)
Debra Rogers - First Officer Ombit (voice) (as Debra Jean Rogers)
Susan Silo - Computer (voice)
Kath Soucie - Hawaiian Woman (voice)
Melanie Spore - (voice)
Doug Stone - Ensign Getco (voice) (as Doug Store)
Drew Lexi Thomas - (voice)
Miranda Paige Walls - Mertle Edmonds (voice) (as Miranda Walls)
Karle Warren - (voice)
Ruth Zalduondo - Various Woman (voice)

Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch
Chris Sanders - Stitch (voice)
Dakota Fanning - Lilo Pelekai (voice)
Tia Carrere - Nani (voice)
David Ogden Stiers - Dr. Jumba Jookiba (voice)
Kevin McDonald - Pleakley (voice)
Kunewa Mook - Kumu (voice)
Jason Scott Lee - David Kawena (voice)
William J. Caparella - Additional Voices (voice)
Holliston Coleman - Aleka (voice)
Matt Corboy - Additional Voices (voice)
Jennifer Hale - Additional Voices (voice)
Jillian Henry - Elena (voice)
Liliana Mumy - Mertle Edmonds (voice)
Emily Osment - Additional Voices (voice)
Paul Vogt - Gator Guard / Various Voices (voice)
Grace Rolek - Additional Voices (voice)
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