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Title: The King's Man
Original Title: The King's Man
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Country: United States United States
Region: A
Category: Live Action
Serie: 4K Ultra HD, Limited Edition, Target Exclusive
Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller
Release Date: 22-02-2022
Year: 2021
Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1, 16x9
Video: Ultra HD: 2160p
Blu-ray: 1080p
Length: 131 Minutes
Packaging: Blue blu-ray keepcase
Insert: No
Number of Discs: 2
Chapters: ???
Dolby Atmos: Ultra HD: English
DTS Master Audio 7.1: Blu-ray: English
Dolby Digital Plus: Ultra HD: Spanish
Dolby Digital 5.1: Ultra HD: French
Blu-ray: French, Spanish
Dolby Digital 2.0: Ultra HD: Descriptive Audio English
Blu-ray: Descriptive Audio English
Subtitles: Ultra HD: English SDH, French, Spanish
Blu-ray: English SDH, French, Spanish
Publisher: 20th Century Studios, Marv Films, Marv Studios
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: None
UPC: 786936870398
Catalog Number: 158870-1
Spine Number: Keepcase = 158870
Blu-Ray: ???
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Set during WW1, THE KING'S MAN tells the exhilarating origin story of Kingsman, the world's very first independent intelligence agency. As a collection of history's worst tyrants and criminal masterminds gathers to plot a war to wipe out millions across the globe, one man must race against time to stop them.
Original Other
Djimon Hounsou - Shola
Ralph Fiennes - Orlando Oxford
Shaun McKee - Camp Guard #1
Peter York - Camp Guard #2
Matthew Goode - Morton
Charles Dance - Kitchener
Alexandra Maria Lara - Emily Oxford
Alexander Shaw evan Viljoen Bevan Viljoen - Boer Sniper
Harris Dickinson - Conrad Oxford
Gemma Arterton - Polly
Shaun Scott - Kingsman Tailor #1
Andrew Bridgmont - Kingsman Tailor #2
Rhys Ifans - Grigori Rasputin
Valerie Pachner - Mata Hari
Daniel Brühl - Erik Jan Hanussen
Joel Basman - Gavrilo Princip
Todd Boyce - Dupont
Richard Stephenson Winter - Shepherd's Flock Member #2
Takako Akashi - Shepherd's Flock Member #3
Thorston Manderlay - Shepherd's Flock Member #4
Terence Anderson - Shepherd's Flock Member #5
Andy Cheung - Shepherd's Flock Member #6
Ron Cook - Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria
Barbara Drennan - Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg
Maja Simonsen - Pretty Girl
Benedick Blythe - Saravejo General
Max Count - Young King George
Emil Oksanen - Young Kaiser Wilhelm (as Emil Okasnen)
George Gooderham - Young Tsar Nicholas
Alexa Povah - Queen Victoria
Tom Hollander - King George / Kaiser Wilhelm / Tsar Nicholas
Branka Katic - Tsarina Alix
Alexander Shefler - Tsarevich Alexei
Rosie Goddard - Grand Duchess Anastasia
Dora Davis - Grand Duchess Maria
Lucia Jade Barker - Grand Duchess Olga (as Lucia-Jade Barker)
Molly McGeachin - Grand Duchess Tatiana
Angus Castle-Doughty - British Soldier
Jed O'Hagan - British Soldier #2
Thomas Mahy - British Soldier #3
Connor Calland - British Soldier #4
James Musgrave - Lieutenant
Martin Razpopov - Sarajevo Prison Warden (as Martin Razpapov)
Aaron Vodovoz - Felix Yusupov
Gabriela Calun - Russian Maid
Gabriel Constantin - Russian Master of Ceremonies
Vår Haugholt - Russian Prostitute #1 (as Var Haugholt)
Ronja Haugholt - Russian Prostitute #2
Alyona Kazarova - Yusupov Guest #1
Fiz Marcus - Yusupov Guest #2
Bajunovic Dalibor - Yusupov Guest #3
Andrey Andreev - Yusupov Guest #4
August Diehl - Vladimir Lenin
Nigel Lister - Arthur Zimmermann
Daniel Vernan - German Foreign Office Worker #1
Nigel Pilkington - German Foreign Office Worker #2
Ed Cooper-Clarke - Admiralty Military Intel Officer
Stevee Davies - Young Codebreaker
Alison Steadman - Rita
Russell Balogh - Sandhurst PT
Kristian Wanzl Nekrasov - General Ludendorff (as Kristian Wanzi Nekrasov)
Stefan Schiffer - Ludendorff Butler
Tim Bruce - Sandhurst Chaplain
Hal Hillman - Sandhurst Cadet
Ian Kelly - President Woodrow Wilson
David Calvitto - Vice President
Ian Porter - General
Simon Connolly - White House Butler
Alexander Cobb - British Officer
Aaron Taylor-Johnson - Archie Reid
Emun Elliott - Sergeant Major
James Backway - Soldier
Cassidy Little - British Spy
Neil Jackson - Captain Forrest
Ben Ayers - Black Watch Soldier #1
Gwithian Evans - Black Watch Soldier #2
Cory Stuckey - Black Watch Soldier #3
Timon Staehler - Storm Trooper
Timothy Blore - German Soldier #1
Ross Anderson - Corporal Johnstone
Robert Aramayo - Sergeant Major Atkins
Remus Brooks - Kings Liverpool Soldier #1
Felix Mosse - Kings Liverpool Soldier #2
Will Pattle - Kings Liverpool Soldier #3
Amy Leeson - Pub Girl #1
Dolores Carbonari - Pub Girl #2
Stanley Tucci - United States Ambassador
Pippa Winslow - United States Embassy Secretary
David Kross - Moustached Man
Ed Cooper Clarke - Admiralty Officer
Olivier Richters - Huge Machine Shack Guard
Eliah Arnstjerna - Sarajevo Soldier (uncredited)
Claire Ashton - Munitions Worker (uncredited)
Jeremy Azis - Code Breaker 14 (uncredited)
Ross Bailey - Kings Liverpool Soldier (uncredited)
Mateusz Balcerek - Oxford Officer (uncredited)
Anna Ballantine - Afrikaans Soldier (uncredited)
Jon Bentley - Soldier / Officer (uncredited)
Pierre Bergman - British General (uncredited)
Chloé Booyens - Soldier (uncredited)
David Byrne - Blackwatch Soldier (uncredited)
Christine Callaghan - Senior Maid (uncredited)
Callum Chiplin - Declan Nell (uncredited)
Paul Philip Clark - Shepherd Guard (uncredited)
Zachary Coleman - Kings Liverpool Soldier / Young Officer (uncredited)
Stuart Cumming - Bagpiper / Black Watch Soldier (uncredited)
Jack Cunningham-Nuttall - Steam Bath Boy (uncredited)
Mark Anthony Dawson - Military Officer (uncredited)
Hal Fowler - Russian General (uncredited)
Kya Garwood - Maid (uncredited)
Albert Giannitelli - Dead Body (uncredited)
Constantine Gregory - Mayor of Sarajevo (uncredited)
Peter Hardy - Russian General (uncredited)
Zak Holland - Soldier (uncredited)
Tobias James-Samuels - French Solider (uncredited)
Charli Janeway - Soldier (uncredited)
Rasneet Kaur - CIA Agent (uncredited)
Chris Kaye - Soldier (uncredited)
Jake Kemp - Child prisoner of war (uncredited)
Denis Khoroshko - Russian butler (uncredited)
Renars Latkovskis - Russian Sheppard (uncredited)
Jhon Lumsden - Mustard Gas Soldier (uncredited)
Louis Mackenzie - U-Boat Sailor (uncredited)
Katarina Martin - Housekeeper (uncredited)
Tiago Martins - Officer Cadet (uncredited)
Tomás Paredes - Russian sheppard 1 (uncredited)
Phil Reeve - German Machine Gunner (uncredited)
Sam Rintoul - Soldier (uncredited)
Ben Matthew Saunders - Blackwatch Soldier (uncredited)
Jake Siame - Prisoner of War (uncredited)
Jessie Vinning - Munitions worker (uncredited)
Will Willett - Blackwatch Soldier (uncredited)
Toby Woolf - Young Conrad (uncredited)
Dive into this 6-part, feature-length, making-of documentary.
Learn about U.K.-based groups who provide support for military veterans.
View the rehearsals, storyboards, on-set footage and VFX.
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• Includes Limited-Edition Gallery Book