The Lion King Trilogy

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Title: The Lion King Trilogy
Original Title: The Lion King, The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, The Lion King 1½
IMDb / Disneyinfo: The Lion King   
The Lion King II: Simba's Pride   
The Lion King 3: Hakuna Matata   
Country: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Region: B
Category: Animation, Giftset
Serie: 3-Movie Collection, Diamond Edition, HMV Exclusive, Limited Edition, Special Edition
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Drama, Comedy
Release Date: 07-11-2011
Year: 1994, 1998, 2004
Aspect Ratio: The Lion King: 1.78:1, 16x9
The Lion King II: Simba's Pride: 1.78:1, 16x9
The Lion King 3: Hakuna Matata: 1.66:1, 16x9
Video: Blu-ray: 1080p
Length: 245 Minutes
Packaging: Giftset
Insert: No
Number of Discs: 3
Chapters: ???
DTS Master Audio 7.1: The Lion King: English
DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1: The Lion King II: Simba's Pride: English
The Lion King 3: Hakuna Matata: English
DTS: The Lion King: Spanish, Dutch
The Lion King II: Simba's Pride: Spanish, Dutch
The Lion King 3: Hakuna Matata: Spanish, Dutch
Dolby Digital 5.1: The Lion King: Zulu, Portuguese
The Lion King II: Simba's Pride: Portuguese
The Lion King 3: Hakuna Matata: Portuguese
Subtitles: The Lion King: English, English for the hearing impaired, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch
The Lion King II: Simba's Pride: English, English for the hearing impaired, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch
The Lion King 3: Hakuna Matata: English, English for the hearing impaired, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch
Production: Walt Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Walt Disney Animation Australia, Disneytoon Studios, Disney Television Animation
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: None
UPC: 8717418333836
Catalog Number: BUF0173301
Spine Number: Wooden Box = HUF017330101A
Blu-Ray: ???
Mint Marks Sample: ???
The wait is over! For the first time ever, experience the majesty of Disney's epic animated masterpiece as it roars onto Blu-ray! With a spectacular picture, spine-tingling high definition sound and immersive bonus features—you will feel the love for this critically acclaimed and universally beloved classic like never before!

Embark on an extraordinary coming-of-age adventure as Simba, a lion cub who cannot wait to be king, searches for his destiny in the great "Circle of Life." You will be thrilled by the breathtaking animation, unforgettable Academy Award®-winning music (1994: Best Original Score; Best original Song, "Can You Feel the Love Tonight") and timeless story. The king of all animated films is destined for greatness on Blu-ray!

For the first time ever on Blu-ray, the king of animated films reigns in this chapter of The Lion King trilogy! Experience the power of "Upendi" — which means "love" — as Kiara, Simba's strong-willed daughter, seeks adventure away from her father's watchful gaze. Timon & Pumbaa can only do so much to protect her, especially when she encounters on intriguing rival, Kovu, a cub who is being groomed to lead Scar's pride. As Kiara and Kovu search for their proper places in the great "Circle Of Life," they discover that it may be their destiny to reunite their prides and bring peace to the pride Lands.

Featuring the original all-star voice cast, breathtaking animation and enchanting songs, Kiara and Kovu's thrilling adventure comes to life like never before on Blu-ray, and the glorious "Circle Of Life" continues for a new generation.

For the first time ever in Blu-ray high definition, hilarity reigns in the motion picture comedy-adventure that takes you waaay back to the beginning before Simba's tale began...and beyond!

From their uniquely hysterical perspective, Timon and his windy pal Pumbaa—the greatest unsung heroes of the Savannah—reveal where they came from, how they helped Simba save the Serengeti and what really happened behind the scenes of The Lion King's biggest events.

This essential chapter of The Lion King trilogy features your favourite characters voiced by the original cast (Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Ernie Sabella plus Julie Kavner and Jerry Stiller) and music by Elton John and Tim Rice. You'll feel the love for every outrageously funny moment.

All the musical majesty of the original recording including Academy Award® winning lyricist Time Rice, Grammy® Award winning writer and producer Elton John, and renowned composer Hans Zimmer is now magnificently enhanced with the never-before released song "The Morning Report"from the all new animated sequence plus the remix of Elton John's single, "Can You Feel The Love Tonight"

Special Edition 2 Disc Edition CD featuring the Original Broadway Cast Recording & New Bonus 'Behind the Scenes' DVD of the London Production of the Lion King for an exclusive look at how the story was adapted for the stage.
Original Other
The Lion King
Rowan Atkinson - Zazu (voice)
Matthew Broderick - Simba (voice)
Niketa Calame-Harris - Young Nala (voice) (as Niketa Calame)
Jim Cummings - Ed (voice)
Whoopi Goldberg - Shenzi (voice)
Robert Guillaume - Rafiki (voice)
Jeremy Irons - Scar (voice)
James Earl Jones - Mufasa (voice)
Moira Kelly - Nala (voice)
Nathan Lane - Timon (voice)
Zoe Leader - Sarafina (voice)
Cheech Marin - Banzai (voice)
Ernie Sabella - Pumbaa (voice)
Madge Sinclair - Sarabi (voice)
Thomas Jonathan Taylor Thomas - Young Simba (voice)
Frank Welker - Lion Roars (voice)
Cathy Cavadini - (voice)
Judi M. Durand - (voice) (as Judi Durand)
Daamen J. Krall - (voice) (as Daamen Krall)
David McCharen - (voice)
Mary Linda Phillips - (voice) (as Linda Phillips)
Phil Proctor - Hyenas (voice)
David Randolph - (voice)
Jeff Bennett - Zazu (segment "Morning Report") (singing voice) (uncredited)
Sally Dworsky - Nala (singing voice) (uncredited)
Patrick Pinney - Hyenas (uncredited)
Paul Rausmussen - Lion Vocalizations (uncredited)
Evan Saucedo - Young Simba (segment "Morning Report") (singing voice) (uncredited)
Brian Tochi - Fighting Hyena (voice) (uncredited)
Jason Weaver - Young Simba (singing voice) (uncredited)
Joseph Williams - Simba (singing voice) (uncredited)
Laura Williams - Young Nala (singing voice) (uncredited)

The Lion King II: Simba's Pride
Matthew Broderick - Simba (voice)
Neve Campbell - Kiara (voice)
Andy Dick - Nuka (voice)
Robert Guillaume - Rafiki (voice)
James Earl Jones - Mufasa (voice)
Moira Kelly - Nala (voice)
Nathan Lane - Timon (voice)
Jason Marsden - Kovu (voice)
Suzanne Pleshette - Zira (voice)
Ernie Sabella - Pumbaa (voice)
Lacey Chabert - Young Vitani (voice)
Edward Hibbert - Zazu (voice)
Cam Clarke - Simba (singing voice)
Michelle Horn - Young Kiara (voice)
Jim Cummings - Scar (voice) (archive sound)
Meredith Scott Lynn - (voice)
Ryan O'Donohue - Young Kovu (voice)
Liz Callaway - Adult Kiara (singing voice) (uncredited)
Ashley Edner - Young Kiara (lion growls) (voice) (uncredited)
Zoe Leader - (voice) (uncredited)
Jennifer Lien - Adult Vitani (voice) (uncredited)
Gene Miller - Adult Kovu (singing voice) (uncredited)
Charity Walthrop - Young Kiara (singing voice) (uncredited)
Crysta Macalush Winton - Young Vitani (singing voice) (uncredited)

The Lion King 1½
Nathan Lane - Timon (voice)
Ernie Sabella - Pumbaa (voice)
Julie Kavner - Mom (voice)
Jerry Stiller - Uncle Max (voice)
Matthew Broderick - Simba (voice)
Robert Guillaume - Rafiki (voice)
Moira Kelly - Nala (voice)
Whoopi Goldberg - Shenzi (voice)
Cheech Marin - Banzai (voice)
Jim Cummings - Ed (voice)
Edward Hibbert - Zazu (voice)
Jason Rudofsky - Flinchy (voice)
Matt Weinberg - Young Simba (voice)
Jeff Bennett - (voice)
Corey Burton - Grumpy (voice)
Cam Clarke - (voice)
Bill Farmer - Goofy (voice)
Shaun Fleming - The Lost Boys (voice)
Carolyn Gardner - Snow White (voice)
Bob Joles - Sneezy (voice)
Tress MacNeille - (voice)
Alex Manugian - (voice)
Del Roy - (voice)
Chris Sanders - Experiment 626 Stitch (voice)
Kevin Schon - (voice)
Blayne Weaver - Peter Pan (voice)
Andrea Wolfson - (voice)
Tony Anselmo - Donald Duck (voice)
Wayne Allwine - Mickey Mouse (voice)
Cherie Christmas - Self (archive footage)
Mary Beth Roe - Self (archive footage)
Clay Savage - (voice)
Frank Welker - (voice) (uncredited)
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• Contains:
- 3000 Laser Numbered Limited Edition Stained Wood Collectors Edition Box Set
- Lion King Diamond Edition, Lion King 2: Simba's Pride & Lion King 3: Hakuna Matata on Disney Blu-ray
- Lion King Special Edition Official Soundtrack
- Special 2 Disc-Edition Original Broadway Cast Recording
- Behind the Scenes DVD Bonus Disc