Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man

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Title: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Original Title: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
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Country: Canada Canada
Region: A
Category: Live Action
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Release Date: 22-05-2007
Year: 2006
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1, 16:9
Video: 1080p
Length: 150 Minutes
Packaging: ???
Insert: ???
Number of Discs: ???
Chapters: ???
Dolby Digital 5.1: English, French, Spanish
Subtitles: English for the hearing impaired, French, Spanish
Publisher: Walt Disney Pictures, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Second Mate Productions
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: ???
UPC: ???
Catalog Number: ???
Spine Number: ???
Blu-Ray: ???
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PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST pulses with heart-pounding excitement in a Blu-ray™ 2 disc-set created from the original digital source files. Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley set sail for uncharted adventure in Disney’s epic swashbuckler – now more thrilling than ever in this mind-blowing format. Captain Jack Sparrow has a blood debt to pay: He owes his soul to ghastly Davy Jones unless he can cheat death and eternal damnation by seizing the fabled "Dead Man’s Chest." Totally immerse yourself in crystalline visual clarity as every eye-popping frame surges over the screen. Tremble in terror as the mighty "Kraken" roars from the ocean depths to split planks, crush hulls and snap bones in enhance theater-quality audio. Experience this action-packed hit as if you're watching it for the very first time with Disney Blu-ray™ Magic in High Definition!
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Johnny Depp - Jack Sparrow
Orlando Bloom - Will Turner
Keira Knightley - Elizabeth Swann
Jack Davenport - Norrington
Bill Nighy - Davy Jones
Jonathan Pryce - Governor Weatherby Swann
Lee Arenberg - Pintel
Mackenzie Crook - Ragetti
Kevin McNally - Gibbs (as Kevin R. McNally)
David Bailie - Cotton
Stellan Skarsgård - Bootstrap Bill
Tom Hollander - Cutler Beckett
Naomie Harris - Tia Dalma
Martin Klebba - Marty
David Schofield - Mercer
Alex Norton - Captain Bellamy
Lauren Maher - Scarlett
Nej Adamson - Short Sailor
Jimmy Roussounis - Large Sailor
Moray Treadwell - Sunburned Sailor
San Shella - Leech
Jim Cody Williams - Fisherman - Montage
Michael Miranda - Cannibal Warrior
Luke de Woolfson - Frightened Sailor
Derrick O'Connor - Very Old Man
Georges Trillat - Skinny Man
Israel Oyelumade - Crippled Man (as Israel Aduramo)
Gerry O'Brien - Irish Man
Dermot Keaney - Maccus - Dutchman
Clive Ashborn - Koleniko - Dutchman
Robbie Gee - Shrimper - Montage
Neil Panlasigui - Cannibal Boy
Matthew Bower - Sailor - Edinburgh
Max Baker - Burser - Edinburgh
Steve Speirs - Quartermaster - Edinburgh
John Boswall - Wyvern
Winston Ellis - Palafico - Dutchman
Christopher Adamson - Jimmy Legs - Dutchman
Andy Beckwith - Clacker - Dutchman
Jonathan Linsley - Ogilvey - Dutchman
Sylver - Shrimper's Brother
Simon Meacock - Chaplain
Natsuko Ohama - Cannibal Woman
Josie Dapar - Cannibal Woman
Vanessa Branch - Giselle
David Sterne - Edinburgh Cook
David Keyes - Scuttled Ship Helmsman
Anthony Patricio - Cannibal
Barry McEvoy - Carruthers Guard
Michael Enright - Deckhand - Edinburgh
Hernando Molina - Sweepy (as Hernando 'Sweepy' Molina)
John Mackie - Turkish Prisoner
Spider Madison - Turkish Prisoner
Bud Mathis - Turkish Prisoner
Marco Khan - Turkish Guard
David Zahedian - Turkish Guard
Faouzi Brahimi - Turkish Guard
Jonathan Limbo - Torch Native
Alex Cong - Native Bridge Guard
Ho-Kwan Tse - Ho-Kwan
Reggie Lee - Headless
LeJon - Lejon (as Lejon O. Stewart)
Christopher S. Capp - Parrot (voice)
Félix Castro - Moises: Jack's Crew (as Felix Castro)
Mike Haberecht - Kursar - Jack's Crew
Rudy McCollum - Matelot - Jack's Crew (as Rudolph McCollum)
Gerard J. Reyes - Tearlach - Jack's Crew (as Gerard Reyes)
M. Scott Shields - Duncan - Jack's Crew
Christopher Sullivan - Ladbroc - Jack's Crew (as Chris 'Sully' Sullivan)
Craig Thomson - Crimp - Jack's Crew
Fred Toft - Quartetto - Jack's Crew
Claudia Adams - Madam (uncredited)
Hayati Akbas - Turkish Prisoner (uncredited)
Stephen Ananicz - Black Pearl Pirate (uncredited)
Peter Donald Badalamenti II - Penrod (uncredited)
Mark Bedell - British Officer (uncredited)
Nathan Belt - Pirate #4 (uncredited)
Rusty 'Gravestone' Bolin - Russian Pirate (uncredited)
Ron Bottitta - Additional Voices (uncredited)
Carey Jennifer Redelle Carey - Cantina Wench (uncredited)
Guy Chapman - Black Pearl Pirate / Flying Dutchman Pirate (uncredited)
Chadwick J. Coleman - Swamp Dweller (uncredited)
Neil D'Monte - Drunken Cantina Pirate (uncredited)
Brian Feldman - Black Pearl Pirate (uncredited)
Jerald Garner - Swamp Dweller (uncredited)
Travis Grenke - EITC Soldier (uncredited)
David Hadinger - Black Pearl Pirate (uncredited)
Alexander Hall - Becket's Officer (uncredited)
Sammi Hanratty - British Girl (uncredited)
Randy Herman - Ghost Pirate (uncredited)
Patrick Hume - Black Pearl Pirate (uncredited)
Dalon Huntington - British Navy Officer (uncredited)
Paul Jacobson - Tortuga Pirate (uncredited)
Anthony W. Johnson - Swamp Dweller (uncredited)
Sharon Jordan - Port Royal Woman (uncredited)
Marc Joseph - Quittance (uncredited)
Jason Kakebeen - Greenbeard (uncredited)
Harry Kallet - Angry Pirate (uncredited)
Jonathan Kite - Black Pearl Pirate (uncredited)
Ken Lally - Beckett's Bodyguard (uncredited)
Robbie General Lee - Native of the Island (uncredited)
James S. Levine - Pirate Musician (uncredited)
Michael A. Levine - Fiddler in Bar (uncredited)
Erwin Lopez - Cannibal Drummer (uncredited)
Fred Maske - Black Pearl Pirate (uncredited)
Ann Matthews - Busty Wench (uncredited)
Clark McClanathan - Black Pearl Pirate / Flying Dutchman Pirate (uncredited)
Rohan Mehra - Pirate (uncredited)
Josh Mills - British Navy Officer (uncredited)
Cory Montgomery - Tortuga Pirate (uncredited)
Richard Perez - Pirate Tossing Coffins (uncredited)
Aaron Pichel - Sailor (uncredited)
Nicolas Read - Pirate in Cage (uncredited)
Chris Reid - Sailor (uncredited)
Karly Rothenberg - Cantina Wench (uncredited)
Geoffrey Rush - Captain Hector Barbossa (uncredited)
Erin Sharkey - Tortuga Wench (uncredited)
Gary Sievers - Tortuga Pirate (uncredited)
Opender Singh - Gun Captain (uncredited)
Aleksandr Sountsov - British Redcoat - Arrests Will (uncredited)
Joseph Steven - Pirate with Greenbeard (uncredited)
Heather Stout - Hot Wench (uncredited)
Tegan Summer - Jamaican Pirate (uncredited)
Chris Symonds - Two Head (uncredited)
Michael Symonds - Two Head (uncredited)
Jay Tapaoan - Cannibal (uncredited)
Ruben Valdez - Red Coat (uncredited)
Craig Robert Young - Sir Suchworth (uncredited)
Tommy Zandali - Pirate (uncredited)
- Liar's Dice: Interact With Real Pirates From The Movie In This High Definition Game
- Captain Jack: From Head To Toe -- Secrets And Legends Revealed By Johnny Depp And Others
- Meet Davy Jones: Discover The Creation, Mystery And Mythology Of The Sea's Ghostly Ruler
- Bloopers of the Caribbean
- And Much, Much More!
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