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Title: Invincible
Original Title: Invincible
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Country: Canada Canada
Region: A
Category: Live Action
Genre: Biography, Drama, Sport
Release Date: 05-12-2006
Year: 2006
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Video: Blu-ray: 1080p
Length: 104 Minutes
Packaging: ???
Insert: ???
Number of Discs: 1
Chapters: ???
PCM 5.1: English
Dolby Digital 5.1: English, French, Spanish
PCM 2.0:
Subtitles: English for the hearing impaired, French, Spanish
Production: Walt Disney Pictures, Mayhem Pictures, Who's Nuts Productions
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: ???
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Catalog Number: ???
Spine Number: ???
Blu-Ray: • BD-50 Dual-Layer Disc
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Mark Wahlberg stars in the inspiring true story of a down-and-out 30-year-old bartender who overcomes overwhelming odds to reach his dream in the National Football League. Experience all the action and excitement through the wonder of Blu-ray's revolutionary new format. Vince Papale never played a game of college football in his life, but with a never-say-die attitude, this scrappy underdog helped his hometown team rediscover their winning spirit and rallied an entire city when they needed it most. "You'll stand up and cheer," raves "Maxim". Now, witness every play in astonishing 1080p, and feel each bone-crushing hit in 5.1 48 kHz, 16-bit uncompressed audio. Enjoy INVINCIBLE like never before -- with a pristine high definition picture and theater quality sound.
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Mark Wahlberg - Vince Papale
Greg Kinnear - Dick Vermeil
Elizabeth Banks - Janet
Kevin Conway - Frank Papale
Michael Rispoli - Max
Kirk Acevedo - Tommy
Dov Davidoff - Johnny
Michael Kelly - Pete
Sal Darigo - Mick
Nicoye Banks - TJ Banks
Turron Kofi Alleyne - Ronnie Sampson
Cosmo DeMatteo - Dean German
Stink Fisher - Denny Franks
Michael Mulheren - AC Craney
Michael Nouri - Mr. Tose
Jack Kehler - Wade Chambers
Lola Glaudini - Sharon Papale
Paige Turco - Carol Vermeil
Tristan Phillips - Richie Vermeil
Morgan Turner - Susan Vermeil
Lynn Cohen - Mrs. Spegnetti
James Murtaugh - Principal
Dominick Cicco - South Philly Man
Randy Couture - 'Toruci' Player #1
Earle Masciulli - 'Toruci' Player #2
Jeffrey Lee Gibson - 'Tanker' Opposing Player #1
Patrick M. Walsh - 'Tanker' Opposing Player #2 (as Pat Walsh)
Rick Reilly - Disgruntled Fan
Franklin Ojeda Smith - Les
Patrick McDade - The Turk (as Patrick F. MaDade)
Frederick Strother - Eagles Coach #1 (as Frederick Strother Jr.)
Timothy F. Crowley - Eagles Coach #2 (as Timothy Crowley)
Brian Hayes Currie - Eagles Coach #3
Kerry Shawn Duffy - Eagles PR Man
Paul LaQuerre - Kneeling Veteran (as Paul Laquerre)
Kevin Ingram - Giant Kick Returner
Michael McCarthy - Giant Defender
Tony Luke Jr. - Cape-Clad Fan
Mark Simms - Weekend Warrior
Francis J. Ferrara - Tryout Hopeful (as Frank Ferrara)
Bryan Donoghue - Hopeful
Jimmy Palumbo - Philly Fan #1
Johnny Alves - Philly Fan #2
Pete DeStefano - Philly Fan #3 (as Pete DiStefano)
Pride Grinn - Philly Fan #4
Daniel Spink - Philly Fan #5
Jimmy Graham III - Dour Fan (as Jimmy Graham)
Anthony Lawton - Pressroom Reporter
John Leslie Wolfe - TV Anchor
Tim Lamendola - TV Cameraman
Susan Moses - Teacher
Michael P. Hayes - Student #1
Justin Goncalves - Student #2
Michael Brainard - Eagles Coach #4 (as Michael S. Brainard)
Joe Thompson - Ref
Frank Kosman - Ref
Charles Pendelton - Frank's Friend (as Charles Pendleton)
James A. Carr - Frank's Friend
Joseph Guglielmucci - Umpire
Anthony R. Duncan - Eagles Coach
Harry Donahue - Play by Play Announcer
Merrill Reese - Voice of the Eagles (voice)
Mike Quick - Voice of the Eagles (voice)
Michael Ahl - Coach (uncredited)
Clyde Anthony - Bob Picard (uncredited)
Frank Aptacy - Football Player (uncredited)
Sasha Azevedo - Tea Party Guest (uncredited)
Michael Baczor - Football Player (uncredited)
Daniel Bartkewicz - Philadelphia Eagles Fan (uncredited)
Mark Bartosic - Gilette (uncredited)
Regina Deavitt Beaucheane - Football Game Attendee (uncredited)
Scott Allen Bell - Eagles Fan (uncredited)
Dragos Berghia - Football fan (uncredited)
Mark Bitner - NY Giants Coach (uncredited)
Robert Bizik - Eagles Fan (uncredited)
Jamarian Bridges - Dallas Fan (uncredited)
Rod Britton - Wade Key (uncredited)
Benjamin R. Brown III - Tryout Hopeful (uncredited)
Antwain Brown - Tryouts (uncredited)
Tennille Byrd - Football Fan (uncredited)
Sharon Carpenter-Rose - Laughing Eagles Fan (uncredited)
Riley Chambers - Dallas Cowboys Vendor (uncredited)
Marques Chaney - New York Giants Linemen (uncredited)
Steve M. Clark - Dallas Press / Photographer (uncredited)
Brett Joseph Cohen - Tryout Hopeful (uncredited)
David Collihan - Colombo's Patron (uncredited)
Nikki Collins - Football Player's Wife (uncredited)
Lionel Anthony Cook - Tryout Hopeful (uncredited)
Catherine Copplestone - Eagles Fan (uncredited)
Shaun Paul Costello - James McAlister (uncredited)
Gerardo Davila - Dallas Press / Photographer (uncredited)
Sloan DeForest - Cowboys Fan (uncredited)
Christopher Descano - Cook (uncredited)
Christian Dorsey - Fan (uncredited)
Akai Draco - Extra (uncredited)
Bill Duff - Footballer (uncredited)
Harold G. Eder II - Football Fan (uncredited)
Alexander Emmert - Eagles Player #13 (uncredited)
Mark Falvo - Eagles' Fan (uncredited)
Brian Scott Fitzgerald - Randy Hughes (uncredited)
Michael Griffith - Photographer (uncredited)
Darryl Hammond - Harold Carmichael (uncredited)
Brad Hartliep - Cameraman (uncredited)
Josh Hepola - Coach (uncredited)
Nicole Holt - Dallas Fan (uncredited)
Zachary Hopkins - Sideline Reporter (uncredited)
Darius Johnson - Football Player / Fan (uncredited)
Michael Wingate Jones - Sports Photographer (uncredited)
Brittany Joyner - Cowboys Fan (uncredited)
Cory Kastle - Eagles hopeful (uncredited)
William James Kelly - Eagles Fan (uncredited)
Basil Kershner - Bar Patron (uncredited)
David Kiiskinen - Fan (uncredited)
Kyle Klaus - Eagles Ball Boy (uncredited)
Atif Lanier - #67 Eagles Player (uncredited)
Barbara Lessin - Eagles Fan (uncredited)
Christina Mahon - Eagles Wife (uncredited)
Dan Mahoney - Man at tryout (uncredited)
Raymond Mamrak - Football Player (uncredited)
Nicholas Alexander Martino - Schoolyard Boy (uncredited)
Joe McCarthy - Philadelphia Eagles Fan (uncredited)
John McClain - Sportswriter (uncredited)
Heath McGough - Philadelphia Eagles #67 (uncredited)
Naina Michaud - Philly Fan #6 (uncredited)
Bridgette Mishelle - Cowboy's Fan (uncredited)
Robert Flash Mitchell - Football Player (uncredited)
Steven Moreti - Vince Papale's Neighbor (uncredited)
Jeffrey Mowery - Hopeful Tryout (uncredited)
Keith Moyer - Tryout Hopeful (uncredited)
Rocky Myers - Larry Marshall (uncredited)
Scottie Nic - Football player (uncredited)
Rosa Nichols - Dallas Fan (uncredited)
Mina Pahlevan - Philadelphia Eagles Fan (uncredited)
Vince Papale - Eagles Coach (uncredited)
David Pearl - Eagles Fan (uncredited)
Joseph F. Petrone - Eagles Training Camp Fan (uncredited)
Mark Pricskett - Football Fan (uncredited)
Joseph Queroli - Philly Fan (uncredited)
Daniel Rayome - Eagle Tryout Hopeful (uncredited)
Vincent Riviezzo - Cameraman (uncredited)
David C. Roehm Sr. - Barfly (uncredited)
Kurt Runkle - Football Fan (uncredited)
Chuck Schanamann - Eagles Assistant Coach (uncredited)
Yale Schwartz - A Face in the Crowd (uncredited)
Richard Serlen - Reporter (uncredited)
Kenny Shapiro - Eagle's Fan (uncredited)
Keyon Smith - Tryout Hopeful (uncredited)
Jared Soden - Footballer (uncredited)
Samantha Steffen - Street Girl (uncredited)
Nate Stephens - Tryout Hopeful (uncredited)
Justin Stern - Student (uncredited)
John R. Strange - Sports Photographer (uncredited)
Anthony Thomas - Herb Lusk (uncredited)
Frank Traynor - School Administrator (uncredited)
Ryan Tygh - Eagles Ball Boy (uncredited)
Dan Van Wert - Football Player (uncredited)
Gary Vaught - Cameraman (uncredited)
Sonny Vellozzi - Eagles Fan (uncredited)
John Venable - Dallas Policeman (uncredited)
Kimberly Villanova - Neighbor (uncredited)
David Von Roehm - Field Photographer (uncredited)
Jill Waterston - Photographer (uncredited)
Fabian Watkins - Eagles Football Player (uncredited)
Don Whatley - Philadelphia Cop (uncredited)
Devin Williamson - Sports Photographer (uncredited)
Jordan Willis - Photographer (uncredited)
John Wooten - Football Player (uncredited)
Scott Yannick - Max's Bar Regular (uncredited)
Ron T. Young - Police Officer (uncredited)
• Audio Commentary By Vince Papale, Producer Mark Ciardi And Writer Brad Gann
• Audio Commentary By Director Ericson Core and Editor Jerry Greenberg
• Recreating "The Vet" -- Behind-The-Scenes Featurette
• Becoming Invincible -- The Story Of Vince Papale
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