The Ultimate Force of Four

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Title: The Ultimate Force of Four
Original Title: Jui kuen II, Hero, Siu nin Wong Fei Hung chi: Tit ma lau, Zatôichi
IMDb / Disneyinfo: The Legend of Drunken Master   
Iron Monkey   
The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi   
Country: United States United States
Region: A
Category: Live Action
Serie: 4-Movie Collection
Genre: Action, Comedy, Adventure, History, Crime, Drama
Release Date: 15-09-2009
Year: 1994, 2002, 1993, 2003
Aspect Ratio: The Legend of Drunken Master: 2.35:1, 16x9
Hero: 2.35:1, 16x9
Iron Monkey: 1.85:1, 16x9
The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi: 1.85:1, 16x9
Video: Blu-ray: 1080p
Length: 403 Minutes
Packaging: Slipbox
Insert: No
Number of Discs: 4
Chapters: ???
DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1: Hero: English
The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi: English
DTS HD: The Legend of Drunken Master: English
Iron Monkey: English
Dolby Digital 5.1: The Legend of Drunken Master: French, English
Hero: Chinese, French, Spanish
Iron Monkey: Chinese
The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi: Japanese
Dolby Digital 2.0: The Legend of Drunken Master: Spanish, English
Hero: English
Iron Monkey: Spanish, English
The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi: Spanish, English, Japanese
Subtitles: The Legend of Drunken Master: English SDH, French, Spanish
Hero: English SDH, French, Spanish
Iron Monkey: English SDH, Spanish
The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi: English SDH, Spanish
Production: Golden Harvest Company, Hong Kong Stuntman Association, Paragon Films Ltd., Edko Films, Zhang Yimou Studio, China Film Co-Production Corporation, Sil-Metropole Organisation, Beijing New Picture Film, Film Workshop, Long Shong Pictures, Asahi National Broadcasting Company, Bandai Visual Company, DENTSU Music And Entertainment, Office Kitano, Saitô Entertainment, TV Asahi, Tokyo FM Broadcasting Co.
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: 0-7888-9768-3
UPC: 786936793031
Catalog Number: 102208
Spine Number: ???
Blu-Ray: ???
Mint Marks Sample: ???
The Legend of Drunken Master
The action legend himself — Jackie Chan (Shanghai Noon, Rush Hour) — explodes across the screen on Blu-ray Disc™ in a power-packed adventure that critics agree captures some of the most incredible action stunts ever. When the British government is discovered smuggling precious Chinese artifacts out of the country, folklore hero Wong Fei Hung (Chan) uses his uniquely outlandish style of martial arts — Drunken Boxing — to fight the conspirators and salvage the valuables before it's too late.

The visually stunning cinematic masterpiece gives you the definitive Blu-ray High Definition experience with its spectacular picture and theater-quality sound. Master filmmaker Quentin Tarantino presents Hero — starring martial arts legend Jet Li as a fearless warrior who rises up to defy an empire and unite a nation. With supernatural skill — and no fear — a nameless soldier (Jet Li) embarks on a mission of revenge against the fearsome army that massacred his people. Acclaimed by critics and honored with numerous awards, Hero was an Oscar® (Best Foreign Language Film, 2002) and Golden Globe® nominee.

Iron Monkey
With sensational, nonstop martial arts excitement supplied by the acclaimed choreographer of The MatrixX and Crouching Tiger, HiddenDragon, Iron Monkey is the spirited tale of a mysterious and mythical Chinese legend — now with pristine picture and theater-quality sound on Blu-ray Disc™. In a desperate and unjust land, where government corruption rules the day, only one man — known as the Iron Monkey — has the courage to challenge the system and fight back. Under the shadow of night, in the silence before dawn, he fights to give hope to the poor and the oppressed. Although no one knows his name or where he comes from, his heroism makes him a living legend to the people — and a wanted man to the powers that be. Presented by Quentin Tarantino — it's the exhilarating action adventure critics everywhere have called one of the greatest martial arts films of all time.

The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi
Inventive and bold, this film shines with pristine picture and theater-quality sound on Blu-ray Disc™. In an empire ruled by fear, the people's only hope is the ultimate weapon: Zatoichi (Takeshi Kitano) — a blind, nomadic samurai whose sword has made him a hero and whose courage has made him a legend. Determined to help the desperate residents of a village, Zatoichi seeks justice through revenge.
Original Other
Jui kuen II
Jackie Chan - Wong Fei-hung
Lung Ti - Wong Kei-ying, Wong's Father
Anita Mui - Ling - Wong's Step-Mother
Felix Wong - Tsang
Chia-Liang Liu - Master Fu Wen-Chi (as Lau Kar-Leung)
Ken Lo - John (as Low Houi Kang)
Kar Lok Chin - Fo Sang (as Chin Ka Lok)
Ho-Sung Pak - Henry
Chi-Kwong Cheung - Tso (as Tseung Chi Kwong)
Yi-Sheng Han - Uncle Hing (as Hon Yee Sang)
Andy Lau - Counter Intelligence Officer
Wing-Fong Ho - Fun (as Ho Wing Fong)
Kar-Yung Lau - Marlon (as Kar Yung Lau)
Siu-Ming Lau - Mr. Chiu
Suki Kwan - Chiu's Wife
Yvonne Hung Yung - Lady in Coffee Shop #1 (as Evonne Yung)
Wai Yee Chan - Lady in Coffee Shop #2 (as Chan Wai Yee)
Shing Wong - Larry
Kwok-Kuen Chan - Curly
Tai-Bo - Moe (as Tai Bo)
Gei Ying Chan - Lily
Fong Pau - Cook
Chun Chau Ha - Senior in Restaurant #1
Wah-Lung Szema - Senior in Restaurant #2 (as Wah Lung Szema)
Yan Pak - Mrs. Chan
Louis Roth - British Consul (as Louis C. Roth)
Therese Renee - Terese
Vincent Di Tuataane - Bruno (as Vincent Tuataane)
Mark Houghton - Smith
Ying Cao - Maid
Wai-Lun Tuan
Anthony Carpio - Thug (uncredited)
Man-Ching Chan - Thug (uncredited)
Tat-Kwong Chan - Thug (uncredited)
Wah Cheung - Thug (uncredited)
William Wai-Lun Duen - Erhu Player (uncredited)
Hsia Hsu - Axe Gang Leader (uncredited)
Mark King - Mr. Swire (uncredited)
Rocky Lai - Thug (uncredited)
Bruce Law - Thug (uncredited)
Kin-sang Lee - Thug (uncredited)
Chung Chi Li - Thug (uncredited)
Mars - Thug / Spectator (uncredited)
Bill Tung - General (uncredited)
Fat Wan - Factory Worker (uncredited)
Gabriel Wong - (uncredited)
Ming-Sing Wong - Thief (uncredited)
Mo Yuen - Thug (uncredited)

Jet Li - Nameless
Tony Chiu-Wai Leung - Broken Sword (as Tony Leung Chiu-Wai)
Maggie Cheung - Flying Snow (as Maggie Cheung Man-Yuk)
Ziyi Zhang - Moon (as Zhang Ziyi)
Daoming Chen - King (as Chen Dao Ming)
Donnie Yen - Sky
Zhongyuan Liu - Scholar (as Liu Zhong Yuan)
Tianyong Zheng - Old Servant (as Zheng Tian Yong)
Yan Qin - Prime Minister
Chang Xiao Yang - General
Yakun Zhang - Commander (as Zhang Ya Kun)
Ma Wen Hua - Head Eunuch
Jin Ming - Eunuch
Xu Kuang Hua - Pianist
Shou Xin Wang - Musician
Heizi - Seven Qin Guards (as Hei Zi)
Hua Cao - Seven Qin Guards
Lei Li - Seven Qin Guards
Xia Bin - Seven Qin Guards
Peng Qiang - Seven Qin Guards
Jie Liu - Seven Qin Guards
Zhang Yi - Seven Qin Guards
James Hong - Qin Emperor (voice)
Emil Lin - Nameless (voice)
Bruce Locke - Sky (voice)
Angela Oh - Moon (voice)
James Sie - Broken Sword (voice)
Elizabeth Sung - Flying Snow (voice)
Bing Lei Li - Guard (uncredited)
Tielin Zhang - (uncredited)

Siu nin Wong Fei Hung chi: Tit ma lau
Rongguang Yu - Dr. Yang / Iron Monkey
Donnie Yen - Wong Kei-Ying
Jean Wang - Miss Orchid
Sze-Man Tsang - Wong Fei-Hong
Shun-Yee Yuen - General Fox
James Wong - Governor Cheng Pak-Fong
Shi-Kwan Yen - Hin Hung (as Yee Kwan Yan)
Fai Lee - Hin Hung's disciple #1
Hou Hsiao - Hin Hung's disciple #2
Brianne Brozey - Wong Fei-Hung (voice)
Mandy Chan - Shaolin Monk #4 (as Man-Dik Ko)
Siu-Wah Chan - Shaolin Monk #2
Fung-Lei Cheung - Governor Cheng's favorite mistress
Kwai Po Chun - Shaolin Monk #1 (as Kwai Po Chin)
Peter Doyle - Orchid's Boss (Flashback Scene) (voice)
William Wai-Lun Duen - Fat rich patient (as William Tuen)
Chi Tai Lam
Dion Lam - Constable
Chi Wah Ling - Member of Thief gang
Chi-Hung Ling - Constable (as Chih Hung Ling)
Mona Marshall - Young Pickpocket (voice)
Joe Ochman - Governor Cheng (voice)
Bob Papenbrook - Chief Fox (voice)
Derek Stephen Prince - Suspected Monkey Donator (voice)
Mei-Yee Sze - Governor Cheng's advisor
Tai-Wo Tang - Leader of Thief gang
Kirk Thornton - Dr. Yang / Iron Monkey (voice)
Ezra Weisz - Herbs Salesman (voice)
Jack Wai-Leung Wong - Member of Thief gang
Kim-Ban Wong - Member of Thief gang
Choi-Nam Yip
Tony Yuen - Member of Thief gang

Takeshi Kitano - Zatôichi / Ichi (as Beat Takeshi)
Tadanobu Asano - Hattori Genosuke
Michiyo Yasuda - Aunt Oume (as Michiyo Ohkusu)
Taka Guadalcanal - Shinkichi
Daigorô Tachibana - Geisha Seitaro 'Osei' Naruto
Yûko Daike - Geisha Okinu Naruto
Yui Natsukawa - O-Shino, Hattori's Wife
Ittoku Kishibe - Boss Inosuke Ginzo
Saburô Ishikura - Boss Tashichi Ogi
Akira Emoto - Tavern Owner Pops
Ben Hiura - Tavern Gramps
Kohji Miura - Lord Sakai
Hideboh - Dancing Farmer (as The Stripes)
Ron II - Dancing Farmer (as The Stripes)
Suji - Dancing Farmer (as The Stripes)
Noriyasu - Dancing Farmer (as The Stripes)
Makoto Ashikawa - Carpenter
Tsumami Edamame - Carpenter
Kosuke Ohta - Carpenter
Yoshiyuki Morishita - Carpenter
Naomasa Musaka - Yakuza Boss on the Country Road
Shôken Kunimoto - Rival Swordsman
Daigaku Sekine - Ginzo's Henchman I
Koji Koike - Boss Funahachi
Kôji Kiryû - Dice Dealer at Funahachi's Joint (as Koji Kiryu)
Taigi Kobayashi - Funahachi's Bodyguard
Ayano Yoshida - Young O-Kinu
Taichi Saotome - Young O-Sei (Seitaro)
Kanji Tsuda - Playboy at Home
Ikki Goto - Kuchinawa Underling 1
Yoshio Nakamura - Kuchinawa Underling 3
Hiroaki Noguchi - Kuchinawa Underling 5
Shinichi Nakatsu - Kuchinawa Underling 2
Toru Yonezu - Kuchinawa Underling 4
P. Man - Tavern Customer 4
Al Kitago - Farmer Boy 1
Omiya no Matsu - Farmer Boy 2
Tsutomu Takeshige - Farmer Boy 4
Gambino Kobayashi - Farmer Boy 5
Sammy Moremore Jr. - Farmer Boy 6
Muhômatsu - Farmer Boy with a Spear (as Muhomatsu)
Yasushi Higuchi
Ryûki Kitaoka
Isao Ogura
Masayoshi Ohzeki
Kenji Takechi - Yakuza
Yôji Tanaka - (as Yoji Tanaka)
The Legend of Drunken Master
• Behind The Master: An Interview With Jackie Chan

• Close-Up Of A Fight Scene
• Inside The Action: A Conversation With Quentin Tarantino & Jet Li
• "Hero Defined" Making-Of-Featurette
• Storyboards
• Soundtrack Spot

Iron Monkey
• Quentin Tarantino Interview
• Donnie Yen Interview

The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi
• Behind-The-Scenes Special
• Exclusive Interviews With Crew
Easter Egg
Extra Info