Home Alone / Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

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Title: Home Alone / Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
Original Title: Home Alone, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
IMDb / Disneyinfo: Home Alone   
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York   
Country: United States United States
Region: A
Category: Live Action
Serie: 2-Movie Collection, Disney Movie Club, Multi-Screen Edition
Genre: Comedy, Family, Adventure, Crime
Release Date: 20-10-2020
Year: 1990, 1992
Aspect Ratio: Home Alone Blu-ray: 1.85:1, 16x9
Home Alone DVD: 1.78:1, 16x9
Home Alone: Lost in New York Blu-ray + DVD: 1.85:1, 16x9
Video: Blu-ray: 1080p
Length: 223 Minutes
Packaging: Slipcover and blue blu-ray keepcase
Insert: No
Number of Discs: 2
Chapters: ???
DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1: Home Alone Blu-ray: English
Home Alone: Lost in New York Blu-ray: English
DTS: Home Alone Blu-ray: Spanish, French
Dolby Digital 2.0: Home Alone Blu-ray: English
Home Alone DVD: English, Spanish, French
Home Alone: Lost in New York Blu-ray: English, Spanish, French
Home Alone: Lost in New York DVD: English, Spanish, French
Subtitles: Home Alone Blu-ray: English SDH, Spanish
Home Alone DVD: English SDH
Home Alone: Lost in New York Blu-ray: English SDH, Spanish
Home Alone: Lost in New York DVD: English SDH
Production: Hughes Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox
Distribution: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
ISBN: None
UPC: 786936879537
Catalog Number: 212238
Spine Number: ???
Blu-Ray: ???
Mint Marks Sample: ???
Home Alone
When Kevin McCallister's (Macaulay Culkin) family leaves for Christmas vacation, they forget one thing: Kevin! So the eight-year-old starts decorating for the holidays. But when two bumbling burglars (Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) try to break in, Kevin rigs a hilarious array of booby traps for them in this comical holiday hit!

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
This year, Kevin (Culkin) is spending the holidays in New York City. Unfortunately, his parents are spending them in Florida! Accidentally separated from his parents once again, Kevin manages to find food, lodging and fun using his dad's credit card. But when the notorious Wet Bandits escape prison and head for New York too, Kevin must use his wits to welcome them in his own unforgettable way!
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Home Alone
Macaulay Culkin - Kevin
Joe Pesci - Harry
Daniel Stern - Marv
John Heard - Peter
Roberts Blossom - Marley
Catherine O'Hara - Kate
Angela Goethals - Linnie
Devin Ratray - Buzz
Gerry Bamman - Uncle Frank
Hillary Wolf - Megan
John Candy - Gus Polinski
Larry Hankin - Officer Balzak
Michael C. Maronna - Jeff
Kristin Minter - Heather
Diana Rein - Sondra (as Daiana Campeanu)
Jedidiah Cohen - Rod
Kieran Culkin - Fuller
Senta Moses Mikan - Tracy (as Senta Moses)
Anna Slotky - Brook
Terrie Snell - Aunt Leslie
Jeffrey Wiseman - Mitch Murphy
Virginia Smith - Georgette
Matt Doherty - Steffan
Ralph Foody - Gangster #1 (Johnny)
Michael Guido - Gangster #2 (Snakes)
Ray Toler - Uncle Rob
Billie Bird - Woman in Airport
Bill Erwin - Man in Airport
Gerry Becker - Officer #1
Victor Cole - Officer #2
Porscha Radcliffe - Cousin
Brittany Radcliffe - Cousin
Clarke Devereux - Officer Devereux
D. Danny Warhol - Pizza Boy (as Dan Charles Zukoski)
Lynn Mansbach - French Woman
Peter Siragusa - Lineman
Alan Wilder - Scranton Ticket Agent
Hope Davis - French Ticket Agent
Dianne B. Shaw - Airline Counter Person
Tracy J. Connor - Check Out Girl (as Tracy Connor)
James Ryan - Stock Boy (as Jim Ryan)
Ken Hudson Campbell - Santa (as Kenneth Hudson Campbell)
Sandra Macat - Santa's Elf
Mark Beltzman - Stosh
Ann Whitney - Drugstore Clerk
Richard J. Firfer - Store Manager
Jim Ortlieb - Herb the Drugstore Clerk
Kate Johnson - Police Operator
Michael Hansen - Airport Driver
Peter Pantaleo - Airport Driver
Jean-Claude Sciore - French Gate Agent
Monica Devereux - Flight Attendant
Edward Bruzan - Polka Band Member
Frank Cernugel - Polka Band Member (as Frank R. Cernugel)
John Hardy - Polka Band Member
Eddie Korosa - Polka Band Member
Robert Okrzesik - Polka Band Member
Leo Perion - Polka Band Member
Vince Waidzulis - Polka Band Member
Lionel Barrymore - Henry F. Potter (archive footage) (uncredited)
Irene Columbus - Woman with Baby on Flight to Paris (uncredited)
Quinn Culkin - Girl at Airport (uncredited)
Raja Gosnell - Murphy's Answering Machine Voice (uncredited)
Dale Hawes - Airport Traveler (uncredited)
James Huffman - Kid at Airport (uncredited)
Earl Hundt - Airport Patron (uncredited)
Larry Nazimek - Airline Pilot (uncredited)
Paula Newsome - Shopper who tells Kevin which aisle Fabric Softener can be found (uncredited)
Paul Ruffino - Polka Van Driver (uncredited)
Yuri Rutman - Sailor In O'Hare Airport (uncredited)
Luciano Saber - Airport Traveler (uncredited)
Brian Stover - Boy Ice Skating (uncredited)
Linda Wylie - Stewardess (uncredited)

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
Macaulay Culkin - Kevin
Joe Pesci - Harry
Daniel Stern - Marv
Catherine O'Hara - Kate
John Heard - Peter
Devin Ratray - Buzz
Hillary Wolf - Megan
Maureen Elisabeth Shay - Linnie
Michael C. Maronna - Jeff
Gerry Bamman - Uncle Frank
Terrie Snell - Aunt Leslie
Jedidiah Cohen - Rod
Senta Moses Mikan - Tracy (as Senta Moses)
Diana Rein - Sondra (as Daiana Campeanu)
Kieran Culkin - Fuller
Anna Slotky - Brooke
Tim Curry - Concierge
Brenda Fricker - Pigeon Lady
Eddie Bracken - Mr. Duncan
Dana Ivey - Desk Clerk
Rob Schneider - Bellman
Leigh Zimmerman - Fashion Model
Ralph Foody - Gangster
Clare Hoak - Gangster - 'Dame'
Monica Devereux - Hotel Operator
Bob Eubanks - Ding-Dang-Dong Host
Rip Taylor - Celeb #1
Jaye P. Morgan - Celeb #2
Jimmie Walker - Celeb #3
Patricia Devereux - Contestant #1
Aimee Devereux - Contestant #2
A.M. Columbus - Skycap O'Hare #1
Joe Liss - Skycap O'Hare #2
Teri McEvoy - Agent #3 - NY Gate / O'Hare
Ally Sheedy - Ticket Agent (New York)
Harry Hutchinson - Ticket Taker
Clarke Devereux - Ticket Taker / Evidence Specialist (as Clarke P. Devereux)
Sandra Macat - Flight Attendant
Venessia Valentino - Flight Attendant
Andre Lachaumette - Man on Plane
Rick Shafer - Peter Look Alike
Rod Sell - Officer Bennett
Ron Canada - Cop in Times Square
Cedric Young - Cop in Central Park
William Dambra - Arresting Cop in Central Park #1
Mark Morettini - Arresting Cop in Central Park #2
Fred Krause - Cliff
James Cole - Security Guard
Donald Trump - Donald Trump
Warren Rice - Doorman
Thomas Civitano - Plaza Marketing Director
Daniel Dassin - Waiter
Donna Black - Health Club Woman
Abdoulaye NGom - Bead Vendor (as Abdoulaye N'Gom)
Peter Pantaleo - Airport Van Driver
Michael Hansen - Airport Van Driver
Michael Goldfinger - Limo Driver
Mario Todisco - Cab Driver
Anthony Cannata - Sergeant in Toy Store
Eleanor Columbus - Little Girl in Toy Store
Karen Giordano - Streetwalker #1
Fran McGee - Streetwalker #2
Leonard Tepper - Sleeping Man
Kevin Thomas - Geeky Kid
Al Cerullo - Helicopter Pilot
David Boston - Man Unloading Truck (uncredited)
Dan Buckman - Central Park Ice Skater (uncredited)
Laurence S. Chess - Parent at Christmas play (uncredited)
Chris Columbus - Man in Toy Store (uncredited)
Jonathon Gentry - Choir Boy (uncredited)
Eric Ian - Kid in the Airport (uncredited)
Karen Jensen-Clark - Woman with Shopping Bag (uncredited)
Jeffrey Landman - Choir Singer (uncredited)
Eden Riegel - Choir Member (uncredited)
Colette Savage - Parent at Christmas Play (uncredited)
Mike Sode - Airport College Student (uncredited)
Peggy West - Beauty Pagent Pianist (uncredited)
Paul Zimmerman - Pedestrian (uncredited)
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