Le Monde fantastique d

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Title: Le Monde fantastique d'Oz
Original Title: Oz the Great and Powerful
IMDb / Disneyinfo:   
Country: France France
Region: B
Category: Live Action
Genre: Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Release Date: 17-07-2013
Year: 2013
Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1
Video: 1080p
Length: 130 Minutes
Packaging: ???
Insert: ???
Number of Discs: 1
Chapters: ???
Subtitles: ???
Publisher: Walt Disney Pictures, Roth Films
Distribution: ???
ISBN: ???
UPC: ???
Catalog Number: ???
Spine Number: ???
Blu-Ray: ???
Mint Marks Sample: ???
Original Other
James Franco - Oz
Mila Kunis - Theodora / Wicked Witch of the West
Rachel Weisz - Evanora
Michelle Williams - Annie / Glinda
Zach Braff - Frank / Finley
Bill Cobbs - Master Tinker
Joey King - Girl in Wheelchair / China Girl
Tony Cox - Knuck
Stephen R. Hart - Winkie General
Abigail Spencer - May (as Abigail Leigh Spencer)
Bruce Campbell - Winkie Gate Keeper
Ted Raimi - Skeptic in Audience
Tim Holmes - Strongman
Toni Wynne - Strongman's Wife
Rob Crites - Firebreather
William Dick - Front Gate Barker
Gene Jones - Wild West Barker
John Lord Booth III - Oz's Tent Barker
Suzanne Keilly - Concessioneer
Shannon Murray - Girl in Wheelchair's Mother
Ralph Lister - Girl in Wheelchair's Father
John Manfredi - Disgruntled Kansas Man (as John Michael Manfredi)
Robert Stromberg - Disgruntled Kansas Man
Channing Pierce - Coochie Girl
Brian Searle - Clown
Russell Bobbitt - Mr. Baum
Julie Gershenson - Quadling Greeter
Dan Nelson - Quadling Man with Flowers
T.J. Jagodowski - Quadling Mayor (as TJ Jagodowski)
John Paxton - Elder Tinker
Melissa Exelberth - Quadling Woman with Broom
Steve Forbes - Quadling Farmer
Arnold Agee - Quadling Blacksmith
Deborah Puette - Quadling Baker
Julius Kline III - Quadling Scarecrow Maker
Theresa Tilly - Quadling Seamstress
Betsy Baker - Quadling Woman
Ellen Sandweiss - Quadling Woman
Bella Shepard - Quadling Child (as Isabella Shepard)
Sasha Kida Reynolds - Quadling Child (as Sasha Reynolds)
Ja'Vonne Cousins - Quadling Child
Victoria Lurz - Quadling Child
Dashiell Raimi - Quadling Bugle Boy
Oliver Raimi - Quadling Drummer Boy
Brandon Hamilton - Singing & Dancing Munchkin
Stevie Lee - Munchkin Carriage Driver (as Stevie 'Puppet' Lee)
Martin Klebba - Munchkin Rebel
Danielle Ragland - Female Munchkin Rebel
Bart McCarthy - Emerald City Man
Timothy Patrick Quill - Emerald City Man
Nicholas Lindsay-Abaire - Emerald City Boy
Bill E. Rogers - Emerald City Citizen
Dan Hicks - Emerald City Citizen (as Danny Hicks)
Mia Serafino - Emerald City Citizen
LaNika Wise - Emerald City Citizen
Mikayla Bouchard - Emerald City Citizen
Nellie Ann Prestine-Lowery - Emerald City Citizen
Emma Raimi - Emerald City Citizen
Jayne Violassi - Emerald City Citizen
Jay Schwalm - Emerald City Citizen
Wendy Cutler - Emerald City Citizen
James Bird - Emerald City Citizen (as Jim Bird)
Kenneth D. Ciszewski - Emerald City Citizen
Chester F. Guilmet - Emerald City Citizen
Robert Buck - Emerald City Citizen (as Bob Buck)
Jim Moll - Emerald City Citizen
Phillip Huber - China Girl Marionette
Bernie Allemon - Dancing Munchkin (as Bernard A. Allemon)
Dan Cota - Dancing Munchkin
Dale Drew - Dancing Munchkin
Spencer Frost - Dancing Munchkin
Dan Gruenwald - Dancing Munchkin
Jon Overgaauw - Dancing Munchkin (as Lil Jon Flip)
Eduardo Piedra - Dancing Munchkin
Eric Potts - Dancing Munchkin
Jordan Rafael - Dancing Munchkin
Adam Romano - Dancing Munchkin
David Spradlin - Dancing Munchkin
Mani Love - Dancing Munchkin
Michael Witous - Dancing Munchkin (as Mike Witous)
Christophe Zajac-Denek - Dancing Munchkin
Nomi Abadi - Quadling (uncredited)
Chidi Ajufo - Winkie Guard (uncredited)
Talia Akiva - Kansas Girl (uncredited)
AnnMarie Arcuri - Quadling Girl (uncredited)
Blake Arnold - Winkie Guard (uncredited)
Apollo Bacala - Emerald City Man (uncredited)
Kelly Bacon - Emerald City Woman (uncredited)
Barb Baker - Emerald City Resident (uncredited)
Ron Baratono - Quadling Man (uncredited)
Cameron Barnett - Mayor's Assistant (uncredited)
Robert T. Barrett - Quadling #10 (uncredited)
Kevin Wayne Berger - Emerald City Man Kevin (uncredited)
Eric Brakke - Quadling Child (uncredited)
Wayne Brinston - Tinker (uncredited)
Colin Bryant - Winkie (uncredited)
Ron Causey - Tinker (uncredited)
Grady Chambless - Quadling Man (uncredited)
Lee Christian - Emerald City Citizen (uncredited)
Justin Chrzanowski - Kansas Magic Show Patron (uncredited)
Will Clarke - Emerald City Resident (uncredited)
Michael Clossin - Tinker (uncredited)
Zachary Robert Craft - Kansas Gentleman (uncredited)
Zac Cunningham - Quadling Carriage Driver (uncredited)
Michael Dault - Quadling Farmer (uncredited)
Omar Diop - Winkie (uncredited)
Chase Edwards - Emerald City Boy (uncredited)
Christy Edwards - Quadling Violinist (uncredited)
Summer Edwards - Emerald City Girl (uncredited)
Neil Ellice - Theodora's Guard (uncredited)
Courtney English - Emerald City Girl (uncredited)
John C. Epperson - Winkie (uncredited)
Mike Estes - Mayor of The Emerald City (uncredited)
Vi Faulkner - Winkie (uncredited)
Jessee Foudray - Quadling Woman (uncredited)
Carly Francavilla - Emerald City Woman (uncredited)
Logan Fry - Tinker (uncredited)
Derrick Gilliam - Winkie (uncredited)
Jacob Godzak - Tinker (uncredited)
John D. Green Sr. - Winkie (uncredited)
Ryan Groves - Quadling Man (uncredited)
Brice Harris - Winkie (uncredited)
Nate Hatton - Quadling Man (uncredited)
Niki Haze - Quadling Women (uncredited)
Ron Heisler - Kansas Man (uncredited)
Hans Ihlenfeldt - Winkie (uncredited)
Roy Kellerman Jr. - Happy Clown (uncredited)
Dennis Kleinsmith - Tinker (uncredited)
Calhoun Koenig - Quadling #1 (uncredited)
Doug Kolbicz - Emerald City Resident (uncredited)
Bryan Lee - Emerald City Man (uncredited)
Kef Lee - Roustabout / Quadling Chimney Sweeper (uncredited)
Vong Lee - Emerald City Man (uncredited)
Amanda Lewan - Quadling Woman (uncredited)
Anna Li - Emerald City Resident (uncredited)
Linda Linsley - Kansas Popcorn Girl (uncredited)
Sam Liu - Quadling Man (uncredited)
Veronica Liu - Emerald City Child (uncredited)
Hannah Madigan - Emerald City Citizen (uncredited)
Davy J. Marr - Emerald City Citizen (uncredited)
Johnny Marra - Quadling (uncredited)
Rebecca Mccarthy - Emerald City Resident (uncredited)
Julia Metas - Quadling Child #5 (uncredited)
Bob Jay Mills - Baker (uncredited)
Reza Mir - Quadling #14 (uncredited)
Lori Mulligan - Quadling Woman (uncredited)
Jessica Nichole - Quadling (uncredited)
Fionna Noori - Emerald City Girl (uncredited)
Oz Noori - Emerald City Resident (uncredited)
Angela Ann Palermo - Emerald City Citizen (uncredited)
Heather Park - Quadling (uncredited)
Jessica Petrik - Quadling Woman (uncredited)
Sage Porter - Quadling (uncredited)
Jor él Quinn - Quadling (uncredited)
Gene Richards - Quadling Man (uncredited)
Lukas Ridge - Winkie Soldier (uncredited)
Dean Rinke - Tinker (uncredited)
Nicholas Ritz - Emerald City Resident (uncredited)
Ari Rufino - Fisherman (uncredited)
Anthony J Sacco - Emerald City Resident (uncredited)
Keith Schloemp - Tinker (uncredited)
David Schwager - Tinker (uncredited)
Ashley Siloac - Quadling Townsperson #2 (uncredited)
Nikki Smith - Emerald City Resident (uncredited)
Rick Smith - Emerald City Citizen (uncredited)
Paul J. Spear - Roustabout (uncredited)
Rachel Steele - Emerald City Citizen (uncredited)
Amy Sutherland - Quadling Angry Townswoman (uncredited)
Eric Adam Swenson - Emerald City Resident (uncredited)
Stephen Tako - Winkie (uncredited)
Kevin Thompson - Munchkin (uncredited)
Lauren Tischler - Quadling Child (uncredited)
Francisca Viudes - Quadling Farah (uncredited)
David Waldman - Tinker (uncredited)
Filip Watermann - Guard #1 (uncredited)
Michael O. Watkins - Carriage Coachman (uncredited)
Matt Weinglass - Winkie (uncredited)
Alaina Whitney - Quadling Woman (uncredited)
Jake Williams - Kansas Boy (uncredited)
Otis Winston - Winkie (uncredited)
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