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Blu-ray's found: 36
Title Date UPC
AustraliaThe Game Plan01-07-20089398580543071
GermanyCity of McFarland - Sieger gibt es ├╝berall05-11-20158717418467388
GermanyCity of McFarland - Sieger gibt es ├╝berall05-11-20158717418467166
United KingdomSecretariat31-10-20118717418307820
GermanySecretariat - Ein Pferd wird zur Legende22-09-20118717418296414
GermanySecretariat - Ein Pferd wird zur Legende22-09-20118717418296407
United KingdomSecretariat31-10-20118717418294137
United KingdomSecretariat28-03-20118717418294120
NetherlandsThe Game Plan10-12-20088717418178031
GermanyMiracle - Das Wunder von Lake Placid16-07-20098717418169367
GermanyMiracle - Das Wunder von Lake Placid16-07-20098717418169350
United KingdomThe Game Plan14-07-20088717418165437
GermanyDaddy ohne Plan07-08-20088717418160609
GermanyDaddy ohne Plan07-08-20088717418160586
GermanyDaddy ohne Plan07-08-20088717418160586
United StatesMillion Dollar Arm30-01-2018786936857184
United StatesMcFarland, USA30-01-2018786936857160
United StatesMcFarland, USA02-06-2015786936845976
United StatesMillion Dollar Arm07-10-2014786936843262
United StatesThe Game Plan29-03-2011786936813784
United StatesMiracle29-03-2011786936813746
United StatesInvincible29-03-2011786936813722
United StatesSecretariat25-01-2011786936810691
United StatesSecretariat25-01-2011786936810646
United StatesMiracle16-06-2009786936761184
United StatesThe Game Plan22-01-2008786936747003
CanadaThe Game Plan22-01-2008786936747003
United StatesInvincible19-12-2006786936726107
JapanThe Game Plan22-10-2008
FranceMaxi Papa11-12-2008