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Blu-ray's found: 31
Title Date UPC
FranceTRON: L'Héritage25-04-2012
United KingdomTRON: Legacy / TRON: The Original Classic18-04-20118717418297879
United KingdomTRON: Legacy / TRON: The Original Classic10-02-20148717418297879
GermanyTRON: Legacy01-06-20118717418296735
FranceTRON: Legacy28-11-2012
United StatesTRON: Legacy05-04-2011786936808586
United KingdomTRON: Legacy19-11-20128717418384005
United StatesTRON: Legacy09-02-2016786936849424
United StatesTRON: Legacy05-04-2011786936808742
United StatesTRON: Legacy05-04-2011786936814484
United KingdomTRON: Legacy22-05-20178717418304553
United KingdomTRON: Legacy20-03-20178717418494803
United KingdomTRON: Legacy13-07-20158717418459703
United KingdomTRON: Legacy18-04-20118717418297909
United KingdomTRON: Legacy18-04-20118717418304553
United KingdomTRON: Legacy18-04-20118717418297909
United KingdomTRON: Legacy18-04-20118717418297534
United KingdomTRON: Legacy18-04-20118717418297541
GermanyTRON: Legacy01-06-2011
GermanyTRON: Legacy01-06-20118717418296742
GermanyTRON: Legacy01-06-20118717418307936
GermanyTRON: Legacy01-06-20118717418315689
GermanyTRON: Legacy01-06-20118717418306137
NetherlandsTron Legacy 3D08-06-20118717418301903
NetherlandsTron Legacy08-06-20118717418301897
NorwayTron Legacy13-04-2011
NorwayTron Legacy13-04-2011
NorwayTron Legacy13-04-2011
United KingdomTRON18-04-20118717418304782
NetherlandsScary Movie 304-11-20098713045220808
United StatesDisney Home Theater Starter Pack11-10-2011