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Title Date UPC
NetherlandsTron: The Original Classic14-09-20118717418324698
United KingdomTRON: The Original Classic27-06-20118717418297879
United StatesTRON: The Original Classic05-04-2011786936811612
United KingdomTRON: The Original Classic22-05-20178717418297879
GermanyTRON: Das Original15-05-20148717418423810
GermanyTRON: Das Original01-06-20118717418292690
GermanyTRON: Das Original01-06-20118717418292706
GermanyTron Collection01-06-20118717418301613
FranceTRON / TRON: L'Héritage17-10-2012
United KingdomTron23-09-20138717418409081
United StatesThe Ultimate TRON Experience05-04-2011786936813715